REPORT: Southern Charm Producers Delay New Season Amid ‘Cast Issues,’ Plus Is Thomas Ravenel Trying to Return? And Did They Scrap Four Weeks of Footage?

by Lindsay Cronin Comments

REPORT: Southern Charm Producers Are Facing 'Cast Issues' Which is Delaying New Season, Is Thomas Ravenel Trying to Return? And Did They Scrap Four Weeks of Footage?

Production on Southern Charm season seven has reportedly been delayed. While it was initially thought that it was Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel‘s custody battle that was causing the delay, it is now being revealed that there are a number of “cast issues” that have led producers to push filming back until mid-January.

According to a couple of recent reports, producers were left with challenging situations involving several cast members, including Shep Rose, who admitted that he was uncertain about the status of the new season early last month. The challenges allegedly led to four weeks of footage being scrapped while another report alleges Thomas might be angling for a potential return.

On November 8, FIT News revealed that Shep became a problem for producers after using the term “white trash” during season six and proceeding to poke fun at a woman on a New York City street who was collecting cans.

While cast members typically tone down the drama during the “cooling off” period between the reunion tapings and production on new seasons, Shep caused quite the stir by sharing his controversial video on Instagram and spotlighting the way in which he made fun of the innocent woman. Shep then further fueled the controversy when he defended his mean behavior and suggested he didn’t care to have the approval of his online audience, before ultimately apologizing.

Also a hot topic during the “cooling off” period was Craig Conover‘s revelations about his Adderall use and the on-again, off-again relationship between Austen Kroll and Madison LeCroy.

Because of these and other issues among the cast, Southern Charm producers attempted to hire some new faces to appear on season seven. However, according to a report from Tamara Tattles, they allegedly ended up scrapping four weeks of footage with the potential new cast members after the episodes were rejected by Bravo TV. Now, they’re on the hunt for other people to join the show.

The outlet also pointed out that it was odd that Shep said on a podcast weeks ago that he and his co-stars weren’t yet filming for the new episodes.

Although Thomas has slammed Southern Charm on a number of occasions throughout the past several months, FIT News alleges he is interested in returning in some capacity for a possible “redemption storyline” now that he’s avoided jail time in his former nanny’s assault case against him.

A possible return by Thomas, that is if Bravo is on board, would be complicated as Thomas reportedly agreed to help his former nanny, Dawn, in her lawsuit against Bravo as part of his settlement with her.

Southern Charm season seven will air on Bravo TV sometime next year.