Scheana Shay Shares if She Made Out With Tom Schwartz, Talks “Forgiveness” With Sandoval, Brock’s Older Kids, and Says Raquel “Should Have” Returned to Vanderpump Rules

by Lindsay Cronin Comments

Scheana Shay Insists She "Did Not" Make Out With Schwartz, Shares Status With Sandoval, and Talks Brocks' Older Kids, Plus Says Raquel "Should Have" Returned to Vanderpump Rules

Scheana Shay is denying her alleged makeout with Tom Schwartz.

After Schwartz, 40, was seen telling Lala Kent, 33, that the two of them “made out” in Las Vegas in the season 11 trailer, stating that “nobody knows that,” Scheana, 38, is setting the record straight while also hinting at her reconciliation with Tom Sandoval, 41, sharing her thoughts on Brock Davies‘ situation with his older kids, and admitting to feeling that Rachel “Raquel” Leviss, 29, should have returned.

“I can tell you it was not a makeout,” Scheana confirmed to E! News on January 23. “I did not make out with Tom Schwartz.”

In addition to teasing a kiss between Scheana and Schwartz, previews of season 11 have also suggested that Scheana began to soften toward Sandoval in the months that followed the reveal of his affair with Raquel.

“I’ve always been a person who is all about forgiveness,” she admitted. “Going into this season felt so different because his betrayal was on such a different level. I was not open to it in the beginning.”

Also not open to forgiveness was Ariana Madix, 38, and her feelings toward her ex-boyfriend haven’t changed.

“I don’t think she is open to [a reconciliation] at all,” Scheana stated.

Looking back on her and Brock’s visit to his homeland of Australia over the New Year holiday, Scheana expressed disappointment that they could not introduce their two-year-old daughter Summer Moon to his older kids, daughter Winter and son Eli.

“I think it’s just going to take time,” Scheana explained. “As he said on the podcast, his actions have consequences. Thankfully these kids have an amazing mom and stepdad and it’s just going to take some time to rebuild. They’re at an age where they can make that decision. It is a tough one.”

As for Raquel, Scheana said she wished she had returned to Pump Rules for the new episodes.

“I think she should have come back. And she still should,” Scheana shared.

Vanderpump Rules season 11 premieres Tuesday, January 30, at 8/7c on Bravo.