Kristen Doute Says She Felt the Need to “Be Skinny” With Tom Sandoval, Plus She Teases Fight at Vanderpump Rules Reunion

by Lindsay Cronin Comments
Vanderpump Rules' Kristen Doute Felt She "Had to Be Skinny" During Tom Sandoval Relationship, Claims He Fed Her Adderall and Laxatives, and Reveals Fight Between Cast at Season 11 Reunion

Credit: Felix Kunze/Bravo, Gizelle Hernandez/Bravo

Kristen Doute looked back on her relationship with Tom Sandoval during an episode of her podcast last week, sharing that when they dated, Sandoval made her feel as if she had to be skinny — and actually fed her laxatives to aid in her efforts.

While looking back at a recent episode of Vanderpump Rules in which Sandoval, 41, revealed that Ariana Madix‘s dog once ate 500 laxatives that it found in their $2 million home, Kristen, 41, opened up about the pressures she felt with her ex-boyfriend as she also revealed what she’s heard about the recently-taped reunion special for season 11.

“Luke, your first response was, ‘Who has 500 laxatives?’ I was like, Tom Sandoval. That’s why I was so skinny when we dated. We took laxatives, Diarex. We did. I had to be as skinny or skinnier than Tom Sandoval,” Kristen shared on the March 29 episode of Sex, Love and What Else Matters.

“He was like, ‘Here’s some Adderall, and here’s some laxatives, and here’s some water pills.’ I was like, ‘Okay. I don’t know any better. This sounds great. I’m not hungry at all. And wash it down with some SUR sangria? Why not?’” she continued.

As for what she heard about the upcoming reunion, Kristen admitted to hearing it was a bit tamer than usual.

“I heard at the reunion, well, [Katie Maloney] said this on Watch What Happens Live as well, that no one screamed really. Shocking,” she described.

Then, after Kristen called out her boyfriend Luke Broderick for hanging out at Sandoval’s house while Ariana was away in New York City, he shared what he heard about the taping.

“He said it went well. That’s all I know. It went really well, according to him,” Luke revealed.

Kristen then noted that although it was mild, there was a fight at the taping.

“It popped off for some other peeps, so I think [Sandoval] got it taken off of him. I’m not gonna say who, but I know two people got in a fight because I heard one side of it and [Brittany Cartwright] heard the other side of it. So we’ll see how that reunion goes,” she teased.

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