RHONJ’s Teresa Giudice Reveals If Joe Ever Admitted to Cheating & How She Punished Him for Calling Her C-Word, Plus Why She Waited “4 Months” to Sleep With Luis

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RHONJ's Teresa Giudice on If Joe Admitted to Cheating, Why She Waited "4 Months" to Sleep With Luis, and How She Punished Joe for Calling Her C-Word, Plus Confronting His Potential Other Women

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Teresa Giudice appeared on Carlos King‘s podcast on Tuesday, where he questioned her about whether her ex-husband, Joe Giudice, ever admitted to cheating on her.

As she also looked back on Joe calling her the c-word and recalled confronting the women she believed he may have been cheating on her with, the 52-year-old Real Housewives of New Jersey star spoke of her current marriage to Luis Ruelas, 50, admitting that the two of them waited months before being intimate.

“No,” Teresa replied to Carlos about whether Joe had ever confessed to being unfaithful on the July 2 episode of Reality With The King. “And I still ask him till today, I’m like, ‘Just tell me f*cker.’ And he doesn’t tell me… He still denies till today. Do I believe him? No. I don’t believe him. I’m like, ‘Just admit it, we’re divorced now.’ I’m f*cking somebody else.”

While Teresa began dating Luis in late 2020, Luis said “it took four months” for the two of them to sleep together.

“Well we were dating, it was COVID. I had kids, he had kids. We didn’t sleep at each other’s houses,” Teresa explained, signaling Luis’ sons and her and Joe’s four daughters, Gia Giudice, 23, Milania Giudice, 20, Gabriella Giudice, 18, and Audriana Giudice, 14.

When Teresa was then asked about Joe’s punishment for calling her the c-word, she admitted she was “so pissed” — although she initially thought the diss was an editing mistake to make Joe look suspicious.

Andy Cohen called me. This is the thing: You know when you’re with your partner, you know what you guys call each other, you guys call each other names. I’m like, ‘My husband’s never called me the C-word.’ … I’m like, ‘You guys edited that in,'” she recalled. “They’re like, ‘Teresa, no we didn’t.’ So Andy Cohen called me. He’s like, ‘Teresa, I watched it. Nobody edited that in. Your husband said it.'”

“When I watched it, I was in shock,” Teresa continued “I didn’t cry. He just slept on the couch for two weeks. I was pissed. Yeah, I was really pissed… He was really upset too. I’m like, ‘I can’t believe you called me that. You never said that to me.’”

Teresa went on to state that Luis “would never [say that to her.] … [He] doesn’t even curse.”

Also on the podcast episode, Teresa suggested that when the c-word diss was uttered by her former husband, he claimed he was talking to one of his employees, not another woman.

“There was two women that I thought he might have been cheating on me with… and I asked those two women. One of them was his secretary at the time, and the other one was, I’m not going to say who it is… One of them was someone that he knew from his past and I was friends with her too,” she revealed. “If you guys do your research, he was photographed with them in magazines. I asked both of them. I blatantly asked them, ‘Are you f*cking my husband?’”

“Both these b*tches denied it so what was I supposed to do?” she added.

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