RHOBH Star Teddi Jo Mellencamp Buys $4 Million Home! See the PHOTOS

    Teddi Jo Mellencamp buys new home

    She might be new on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills but living a fabulous lifestyle isn’t new to Teddi Jo Mellencamp!

    The RHOBH newbie and her husband Edwin Arroyave just bought a beautiful new home for $4 million, and we have the stunning photos for you below. Read more

    The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: Bad Guys

    rhobh recap season 8 episode 3 bad guys

    What kind of drama can the ladies stir up this Real Housewives of Beverly Hills episode?

    Ah, the weekly housewife check in. This is always my favorite part of the episode when we simple people get to see how the rich and Bravo famous live. I had to rewind that Erika moment because I was pretty sure she was bragging about receiving “prison letters” and yes, yes she was. This girl…!!

    The episode begins when PK enters Dorit’s lair to find out more about the Vegas trip. Dorit proudly shares “I’m cool with Erika” and it’s a good thing because Dorit’s birthday celebration just.keeps.going. Pk tells Dorit he is planning (yet another) birthday party for her and he is uncertain if Rinna should be included on the guest list. Dorit basically thinks she is St. Dorit since she decided to invite her arch nemesis, Rinna, to the party. Someone give this woman a biscuit! Read more

    RHOBH Kyle Richards’ Husband Mauricio Umansky Speaks Out After $1 Million Home Burglary

    kyle richard and mauricio umansky instagram

    Kyle Richard’s husband Mauricio Umansky is speaking out days after it was reported their new home was burglarized while they were on vacation.

    The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stars remain in Aspen on vacation, and have yet to return home after they had a ton of valuables stolen including jewelry, watches, and designer handbags all said to be worth over $1 million! Read more

    RHOBH’s Kyle Richards & Mauricio Umansky’s Home Burglarized For Over $1 Million

    kyle richards and mauricio umansky rhobh Season 8 Premiere Party

    Some bad news to report today as Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umanky’s home was burglarized while the couple was on vacation.

    Even worse, the items stolen from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stars’ home is valued at over $1 million. Read more

    RHOBH’s Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave Felt ‘Dismissed’ and ‘Shut Down’ by Erika Girardi

    Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave bravo

    We’re just two episodes into the latest season of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and so far newbie Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave seems to be getting a warmer welcome from fans than her castmate Erika Girardi!

    Teddi, daughter of John Mellencamp, is addressing that issue in her latest blog as she reveals she felt “dismissed” and shut down by Erika who she describes as ‘not being welcoming’ to newcomers. Teddi, 36, also addresses how she got in shape after once weighing over 200 lbs, plus being frugal despite having a wealthy father.

    Below are excerpts from Teddi’s Bravo blog

    “And we’re back in Vegas.

    First, a lot of you have been asking about my accountability coaching, so I’m glad I get to talk about about that a bit in this episode (no matter how seriously some of the women may take it). My weight has fluctuated my entire life, and when I gave birth to my son Cruz, I was over 200lbs. I was thrilled to have a healthy baby boy but didn’t feel right in my own skin. I knew then that in order to be the best wife, mother and version of myself that things needed to change. I would hold myself accountable to my vulnerabilities and insecurities in a positive way— and that’s when I felt a shift; I was truly loving myself again. I knew that there were women everywhere who were going through these same emotions and I wanted to help them. Help them discover that same power to become their best selves— to wake up every day and be able to love yourself. I’m blessed that my passion has become such a thriving business that empowers women across the country.

    That said, I totally hold myself accountable for being a frugal b*tch. Look, I know it sounds ludicrous given who my dad is, but I wasn’t handed a platinum card and shipped to Los Angeles to live the golden life. I struggled as an assistant at an agency and worked my a** off. I will never be that person who blows five thousand dollars at the casino just because I have it…

    As I mentioned in my last blog, I like to observe new people before really diving in, especially a group like these women with so much history and drama. It’s not really my place to comment on what happened in the past because, honestly, what the hell do I know? So on the High Roller, I just watched and took notes. Because I’m definitely gonna need them.

    The nightclub and the pool were great opportunities to get to know the women better. I could feel genuine friendships and connections were forming and was excited about it. But with Erika, I felt like I was trying too hard without much reciprocation. I know Lisa Vanderpump and Dorit “warned” me about Erika, but I truly wanted to make my own assessment. There are times during our trip when I felt dismissed or that my business was being mocked. But I chalked that up to being the new girl and tried to get my insecurities in check. So when you finally see me try to engage in a meaningful discussion with Erika, whose situation with her father I have true compassion for and merely wanted to open a dialogue between us, I’m not surprised she shuts me down. We see, from Lisa Vanderpump’s relaying of Erika’s text habits to my conversation with Dorit the next morning that Erika isn’t the most welcoming to newcomers, that I should’t be too offended. Maybe it was a bad day, maybe she just needs more time to thaw. At this point, I’l pull back a bit but I won’t judge her solely on this interaction. Besides, she calls herself out as the “asshole” in the situation— which I like to call “taking accountability.

    For more on my accountability coaching, please check out my website: laworkoutjunkie.com

    Photo Credit: Bravo TV


    The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: Diva Las Vegas

    rhobh recap diva las vegas

    We all know what happens when these Real Housewives of Beverly Hills ladies get together to go on a trip. Let’s hope the gang doesn’t disappoint this time around…

    VEGAS, baby! Rinna enters and it’s as if all the girls just found out that her lip injections are contagious. No one goes near her. Could Dorit be any more awkward seeing Rinna for the first time? Sure, they are cancers and all, but that doesn’t mean they have to automatically be bffs just cuz they share the same sign. Of course Erika is the last to arrive, as she is channeling “S&M Barbie,” working it all the way down the hotel hallway, because yes. Erika and her 90’s dominatrix outfit finally make her grand entrance. She leaves her village people hat on during the dinner, as well. Dorit continues on the awkward train and word vomits that Teddi is John Cougar Mellencamp’s daughter, making Teddy fake embarrassed that she is reality to rock and roll royalty. Read more