Lisa Rinna Reveals Who’s Behind Online Attack on Garcelle’s Son, Plus Diana Jenkins’ Rep Speaks After RHOBH Star’s Bot Comments on WWHL

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Lisa Rinna Reveals Who’s Behind Online Attack on Garcelle’s Son, Plus Diana Jenkins’ Rep Speaks After RHOBH Star’s Bot Comments on WWHL

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Lisa Rinna claims they’ve “found” the person responsible for the online attack against Garcelle Beauvais’ son earlier this year.

According to Lisa, she shared that it’s “not bots” but rather a “man” from California.

Meanwhile, Diana Jenkins‘ team reacted to Garcelle’s recent interview on Watch What Happens Live, where the actress seemingly suggested that Diana and/or some of her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills castmates were behind it – although no evidence has shown that anyone on the show was remotely involved.

In a live question-and-answer session shared by @byewighellodrama on Instagram, Lisa addressed the person responsible for the attack.

“I’m gonna say one thing about this,” said Lisa. “We have found the person who has done it. It’s a man. He lives in Concord, California, and when Diana’s ready to release that — because her people found him — she will.”

“It’s not bots. It’s one man,” the alum added after claiming that Diana gave her permission to address it. “So I can share that with you. And he lives in Concord, California, in an apartment.”

On Diana’s Instagram, her outside counsel reacted to Garcelle’s recent interview.

“Dear Mr. Johnson: We understand that you are the legal representative of actress and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member, Garcelle Beauvais. I am outside counsel for Diana Jenkins,” said the attorney in a caption. “I write concerning the hateful and malicious social media bot attack that was directed against Ms. Beauvais’ son, Jax, last August.”

Her counsel went on, “We cannot even begin to imagine the hurt, stress and harm it caused Ms. Beauvais’s son, Ms. Beauvais, and the rest of their family. We know Ms. Beauvais and Ms. Jenkins have had their differences, but Ms. Jenkins had absolutely nothing to do with that deplorable conduct.”

The lawyer added, “As Ms. Beauvais is aware, Ms. Jenkins has filed a lawsuit and spent tens of thousands of dollars trying to find out who was responsible. Through this lawsuit, Ms. Jenkins has received the available subscriber information for the Instagram accounts that posted on Jax’s Instagram page. This has led to one promising lead as to one of the perpetrators, but we have run into a roadblock confirming that lead and identifying the other perpetrators, as the court has denied our request for additional discovery to identify the wrongdoers.”

Diana’s attorney then expressed, “We believe that we would be able to get this additional discovery if Ms. Beauvais would join the lawsuit. Accordingly, we ask if Ms. Beauvais would be willing to join the lawsuit. If Ms. Beauvais did so, Ms. Jenkins would cover all expenses.”

“Alternatively, if Ms. Beauvais did not wish to join Ms. Jenkins’ lawsuit, Ms. Jenkins is willing to share her investigation findings thus far. We understand from the reunion show and media coverage that Ms. Beauvais is conducting her own investigation. We believe that Ms. Jenkins would find Ms. Jenkins’ investigative findings thus far of assistance.”

The counsel concluded, “Very truly yours, BENESCH, FRIEDLANDER, COPLAN & ARONOFF LLP.”

In the comments of the post, Lisa wrote: “Now seems like it’s a good time to release the name of the person who did it. I think it’s time.”