Southern Charm Recap: Kat’s Got Your Tongue

Southern Charm Recap Kat's Got Your Tongue - Kathryn and Thomas Dinner

On this episode of Southern Charm, we all watched Kathryn blossom into a woman right before our eyes. The Kat who yelled and threw a tantrum to get what she wanted is no more. This new Kat has learned how to handle the men in her life, most notably the one who matters the most, by using a charm offensive. Bravo, and here’s to hoping Kat 3.0 is here to stay. Read more

Nanny Accusing Southern Charm’s Thomas Ravenel of Rape Reveals New Details of Violence During Alleged Assault, Plus Is Thomas Facing Bankruptcy?

Southern Charm Thomas Ravenel Nanny Dawn

Southern Charm star Thomas Ravenel is being investigated for “first-degree forcible rape” after his former nanny, a woman named Dawn, went to police in South Carolina with shocking allegations against him.

Dawn is now revealing new details of violence when it comes to her rape allegation against Thomas. Plus, an insider close to Thomas claims he is now facing the possibility of bankruptcy due to these allegations against him. Read more

Is Southern Charm’s Craig Conover Still Open to a Reconciliation With Ex Naomie Olindo? Plus Naomie Talks New Boyfriend!

Southern Charm Craig Conover Naomie Olindo Boyfriend Metul Shah

Southern Charm viewers are watching Craig Conover and Naomie Olindo going through their painful split on the current season of the show, which was filmed almost a year ago.

Since then, a lot has happened as Naomie has a new boyfriend, who she is now opening up about in a new interview. Also, Craig is speaking out about his ex and whether or not he is open to a possible reconciliation in the future. His answer might actually surprise you! Read more

Southern Charm Recap: Exes on the Half Shell

Southern Charm Recap Exes on the Half Shell - Kathryn Thomas and Ashley

Let’s see what these “thirsty b*tches” are up to this episode of Southern Charm

While Cameran discusses her “stubborn cervix” with her “desensitized” doctor husband, Jason, Kathryn calls for potential employment at Gwynn’s, a clothing store. Kathryn realizes that, hot damn, she has been unemployed for quite some time now and therefore decides to hit up a store she likes to shop in for a job. The owner of Gwynn’s gives a rather hesitant response, but agrees to “talk” to Kathryn. Big win! Read more

Southern Charm Star Thomas Ravenel’s Former Nanny Is Accusing Him of Rape, Says She Told Kathryn About It

Southern Charm Thomas and Kathryn Nanny Dawn

Just when you thought the sexual assault allegations against Southern Charm star Thomas Ravenel couldn’t get any worse, it does.

News broke earlier this week that South Carolina police had opened an investigation into Thomas after a new accuser came forward as an alleged sexual assault victim. Well, that accuser is now going public today, and she is none other than a former nanny for Thomas and his ex-girlfriend Kathryn Dennis. Read more

Southern Charm’s Ashley Jacobs Fires Back at Haters for Skinny-Shaming Her About Her Weight!

Southern Charm Ashley Jacobs Weight Skinny

Southern Charm newbie Ashley Jacobs, girlfriend of Thomas Ravenel, has been quite polarizing this season, gaining her own share of both fans and critics due to some comments she made about Thomas’s ex Kathryn Dennis.

It is however criticism about her weight that Ashley is now responding to after some fans of the show voiced their concerns that she is getting too skinny! Read more

Southern Charm’s Thomas Ravenel Is Being Investigated by Police After Another Alleged Sexual Assault Victim Comes Forward

Southern Charm Thomas Ravenel Investigation

Police in Charleston, South Carolina have reportedly launched a preliminary investigation into new claims being made against Southern Charm star Thomas Ravenel.

On the heels of the news of an investigation launched by Bravo TV regarding an alleged sexual assault in 2015, a new report claims the reality star and father of two is facing similar allegations from a second woman, who reportedly took part in a five-hour interview with police on Monday. Read more