RHOM Reunion Part 2 Recap: Guerdy Slams Larsa for Revealing Her Breast Cancer Diagnosis, Lisa Calls Out Julia for Outing Feud Online, and Adriana Takes Responsibility for Ana Drama

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RHOM Reunion Part 2 Recap: Guerdy Slams Larsa for Revealing Her Breast Cancer Diagnosis, Lisa Calls Out Julia for Outing Feud Online, and Adriana Takes Responsibility for Ana Drama

We are back for more heated confrontations and drama in part two of the Real Housewives of Miami reunion!

Larsa denies holding people hostage with damning information and insists that she always sticks up for Alexia, while Alexia claims she speaks the truth and has been more open than anyone in the cast. Dr. Nicole is in her dressing room getting her makeup done as she compares the women’s noises to dogs yapping in a pound while they continue to bicker. Guerdy is strutting through the hallway, and she mimics Larsa’s voice.

We are back on the stage, and Lisa says somebody wanted her to do a dildo ad for $10,000, and Kiki would love that. Kiki says her daughter thinks her dildo is a toy, and so does her mom. LOL.

Andy asks Lisa if her kids still think Jody is their gay uncle, and she says they know exactly who he is and they love him. She reveals that her divorce from Lenny has gotten significantly worse, and she doesn’t know what his motive is because he’s suing her for forks, knives, pillows, and art, which she says are, by the way, hers. She says Lenny continually goes to the press, and she’s terrified of her kids reading about their drama online. And now that she’s out of her Star Island home, she feels liberated. She explains how she ended up in a $32,000 luxe condo and how Lenny is trying to delay building her a new home and his stipulations.

Lisa feels she was ambushed when the ladies questioned her finances, motherhood, and relationship in Palm Beach, and they could have come separately with their concerns. Alexia says she was coming from a good place as Guerdy tells her she’s always wrapped up. Lisa fires back that she’s fighting a battle for her life, which sets Guerdy off, and Kiki slams her as materialistic. Lisa begins to cry and tells her co-stars not to diminish what she was fighting about — her kids. And Guerdy yells and tells her she’s been insufferable all season. Andy lets the ladies know that it’s not a competition. She then gives a custody update on the kids, and she says she and Lenny have 50/50 custody.

Marysol says she was triggered that Ana Quincoces was invited to the Mother’s Day brunch because she lost her mom on Mother’s Day. She was excited about the event days prior because it was significant to her, and when she walked in, it was a f***ing nightmare. Nicole defends her decision to invite Ana and cites a WWHL poll to prove she knew nothing about Adriana’s malicious intention. Alexia tells her that was a breaking point in their friendship.

Nicole reveals that she and Marysol hung out after the Mamacita lunch wrapped off-camera; however, after their banter, she’s surprised Marysol left her out of her event. Adriana butts in and takes accountability for the Ana drama, and she presents a rose to Nicole for taking the heat. Marysol is none too pleased with her antics, and she 🙄. Adriana then proceeds to apologize to Alexia, and she admits she was shady and wanted to give her a taste of her own medicine after getting into Lisa’s business. Marysol demands an apology from Adriana and changes her mind because she’s a liar and is full of sh*t.

Julia is asked by a viewer why she called Lisa a bad mother in Palm Beach for attending the party. She says she didn’t call her a bad mom, and Lisa chimes in and says she implied that she should have stayed home. Julia accuses her of twisting her words, and Andy brings up the baby daddy diss. Julia claims she didn’t hear the diss at the event, and it came as a shock when it was brought to her attention. Lisa says they’ve had dinners together and an open line of communication, yet she went on social media to call her out. Julia lashes out as Lisa begs her to apologize, and she refuses.

Nicole doesn’t want to walk down the aisle anytime soon because she doesn’t want to jinx her relationship or talk prenup when everything is going smoothly. We reflect on the life of Nicole’s dad after he tragically passed away a few days after BravoCon, and the ladies sympathize with her. She reveals if she’s in touch with his girlfriend and discusses Anthony’s reaction to being a girl dad.

It’s break time, and Nicole encourages Julia to acknowledge Lisa’s feelings for insinuating that she’s not a great mom. Julia tearfully walks into Lisa’s room and explains why she overreacted, and she shares heartbreaking pics of her baby who passed away as they make amends.

Guerdy opens up about her breast cancer journey and says she saved “300 lives,” repeating the great news that she’s now in remission. She gushes over Russell’s support and talks about her children’s reaction to her cancer news. She then grabs Andy’s hand.

A viewer calls out Larsa’s comment to Guerdy after revealing she has cancer, and Larsa tries to defend it, stating, “I’ve never been in a situation where the person sits down and argues with you for 30 minutes. You’re arguing back and forth. I didn’t even remember half the conversation we had because we were arguing about her calling me the fakest.” Guerdy is furious and tells her she could have said anything else. Andy asks if she feels she owes Guerdy an apology; Larsa insists she’s apologized to her probably 35,000 times, and she claims her reason for telling the women about her diagnosis was because she wanted them to rally around her and show her love. Haha.

Guerdy is clearly not buying what Larsa is selling, and she tells her there is no excuse for her behavior and reaction. She wants her to take full ownership because she was going through the worst part of her life and the worst journey. It was hard already, and Larsa f***ing made it harder. Larsa doubles down as the episode comes to an end…