Scheana Shay Discusses the Last Time She Spoke With Ex-Husband Mike Shay, If She Misses Friendships With Raquel & Sandoval, and Unfinished Business With Raquel

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Scheana Shay Shares the Last Time She Spoke With Ex-Husband Mike Shay, If She Misses Friendships With Raquel & Sandoval, and Unfinished Business With Raquel

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Scheana Shay shared the last time she communicated with her ex-husband, Mike Shay, and addressed her unfinished business with Raquel Leviss after her affair with Tom Sandoval.

Scheana married Mike on a past season of Vanderpump Rules, before they divorced about three years later. Since then, the star married her current husband, Brock Davies, with whom she shares a daughter.

In an interview with Bravo TV, Scheana revealed she hasn’t spoken with Mike since 2023.

“I haven’t talked to him much,” said Scheana. “We spoke a bit last year — his mom sadly passed away, and I just was checking in on him a lot. I usually text him every year on his birthday.”

“I think when I got into my relationship with Brock and then he saw, you know, I now have a child, he’s respected that boundary,” she continued. “And he doesn’t really reach out, but I still do to check in and just make sure he’s doing OK. I mean, he’s someone I’ve known since I was 15.”

On a recent episode of her podcast, Raquel shared that it was difficult watching Scheana on Vanderpump Rules, because she has more resentment toward her – which Raquel believes she’ll work through with therapy.

Scheana, who allegedly punched Raquel in the face after learning of the affair, shared her surprised reaction to Raquel’s recent comment.

“I hope she’s getting the help she needs, honestly,” she told EW. “I felt like we definitely needed to have a conversation … Things with her and I ended very abruptly, and so I didn’t think at the reunion, I didn’t have an option. I had a temporary restraining order on me, and that also wouldn’t have been the place. I would’ve liked to have had a private conversation with her.”

“I was thankful for how the reunion worked out because that wouldn’t have been the time or place [to talk]. I think I was really heated in that moment. I still had a court date I had to go to, and it just wouldn’t have been right in front of that many people to have that conversation,” Scheana added.

Scheana then referenced Raquel’s decision not to return to Vanderpump Rules.

“And then she chose not to come back. But I completely understood why if it was her mental health and she still had some work she needed to do on herself. This definitely can be a toxic environment at times, and it’s not for everyone,” she said.

 “But I just felt like there were still some conversations she needed to have, not just with myself, but with Ariana [Madix], with Lala [Kent], with Lisa [Vanderpump],” the star added. “And so yeah, it was disappointing that we didn’t get to have any of those, but maybe one day, or maybe it’s for the best.”

Scheana then addressed whether she misses her past friendships with Raquel and Tom.

“It’s hard to say that because after what [Leviss] did and her actions, I am team Ariana ride or die for that girl,” Scheana explained. “So that was not something that I was really willing to forgive at the moment. I felt like it was a very big betrayal on both of their parts. This was one of her best friends. This was her boyfriend, and it was going on for so long, not just behind her back, but kind of in front of her face.”

“So I miss who [Leviss and Sandoval] used to be to me. We used to have a great friendship,” she went on. “They were people I enjoyed going to music festivals with and had so much fun with, but I don’t see them as that same version of themselves anymore. But sure, it’s easy to miss who people used to be.”