Tom Sandoval Shares What Wasn’t Shown on Pump Rules With Ex-Assistant Ann as She Refutes His Claim and Shares New Details on Ariana’s Dog’s Medical Emergency

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Tom Sandoval Shares What Wasn’t Shown on Pump Rules concerning Ex-Assistant Ann’s Video Call with Ariana Madix, as Ann Seemingly Challenges His Narrative, and Reveals More behind Dog's Medical Emergency

Credit: Rob Latour/Shutterstock, Instagram

Tom Sandoval shared what wasn’t shown on the current season of Vanderpump Rules regarding his ex-assistant Ann Maddox’s video call with his ex-girlfriend Ariana Madix. Meanwhile, Ann seemed to challenge Tom’s narrative and revealed more about the story behind Ariana’s dog’s medical emergency.

In the video call, Ariana asked Ann if she could recommend any good assistants. Ann recommended herself.

On his Everybody Loves Tom podcast, Tom addressed Ann’s convo with Ariana.

“Well it’s funny because [during the call] Ann was actually getting ready for a Taylor Swift concert and I’d actually gotten her those tickets … [and] I got her the earrings from the Karma video,” said Tom, via @breakingtherulespod on Instagram. “Left that one out [of the show].”

But in Ann’s recent interview for the We Signed an NDA podcast, she seemed to have a different version of events.

“I will fully admit that I was like f**ked up [during the call with Ariana]. I was pre-gaming [for the concert],” she said. “You don’t understand the lengths I went to to get these tickets.”

“Like Taylor said, I fought bears. It was me versus Ticketmaster,” she went on. “I literally hunkered down in front of my laptop, was like ‘Tom, for the next three hours, do not ask me to do anything cause Taylor Swift comes first.’ He was kind enough to respect that. I f**king got the tickets.”

Ann also shared more about the story behind Ariana’s dog getting her stomach pumped after eating something in Ariana’s room. According to Ariana, Tom was simply being irresponsible and let her into Ariana’s room, which had leftover takeout.

“I was working that day. So this is what I witnessed,” explained Ann. “The air conditioning repairman came. The thermostat is in Ariana’s room, so we let the air conditioner repairman into Ariana’s room to fiddle with it. Meanwhile, Tom also went in there and I also helped out a little bit…”

“And then I left. I went on an errand. When I got back from my errand, the door was shut,” she continued. “I don’t know who actually shut the door. It could have been the air conditioner repairman. It could have been my old boss. But when I saw that the door was closed, I heard whimpering, like really loud whimpering behind the door.”

Ann said she then opened the door to let Mya out.