RHOBH: Annemarie Wiley Slams Crystal’s Husband Rob as “The LYING King,” Suggests She Doesn’t Have “Actual Money” & Mentions Her Brother After Crystal’s Parody Account Disses Marcus, See Posts as Fans Weigh in

by Adam Ragsdale Comments
Annemarie Wiley Slams Crystal Kung Minkoff’s Husband as “The LYING King,” and Suggests Crystal Doesn’t Have “Actual Money” as Annemarie Seemingly Reacts to a Crystal Parody Account

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Annemarie Wiley seemingly assumed that a Crystal Kung Minkoff parody account was the real thing – and then called Crystal’s husband “The LYING King” and suggested she doesn’t have “actual money.”

The co-stars feuded throughout the season, though they both recently revealed that they won’t be returning to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

On April 16, an X parody account calling itself “Crystal Minkoff” told Annemarie: “Worry about your transphobic rapist husband.”

Annemarie then wrote a post of her own, seemingly assuming that the parody account was actually Crystal.

“False allegations against athletes are easy. Anyone with actual money knows that,” wrote Annemarie on the same platform, via @georgiosays on Instagram. “You worry about YOUR husband, The LYING King, and your brother 🤞🏽❄️for that matter! Oh- AND that video of you blurting out the N-Word getting out. Fake woke RACIST.”

The parody account then shared a screenshot showing that Annemarie “blocked” them.

“Don’t dish it if you can’t take it,” wrote the account.

Fans shared their reactions in the comments.

“Imagine thinking you’re clapping back but [you’re] responding to a bot account,” wrote @georgiosays.

“What if Crystal is behind the parody account too just to [mess] with everyone,” speculated another viewer.

“She sounds upset. I wonder if she’s really mad she wasn’t asked back. I mean Crystal isn’t coming back either so move on,” wrote a critic. “I couldn’t imagine being this upset about a situation that I probably [will] never be a part of again.”

Another fan claimed Annemarie “should have said it on the show.”