Captain Lee Rosbach Says Jill Zarin’s Attitude “Stunk” on Below Deck, Suggests “Camera Doesn’t Lie,” as He Praises Captain Kerry’s Response to the Situation

by Adam Ragsdale Comments
Captain Lee Rosbach Addresses Jill Zarin Controversy on Below Deck, Says Her Attitude "Stunk" and The “Camera Doesn’t Lie,” Plus Reacts to Captain Kerry's Response

Credit: Bravo, Instagram

Captain Lee Rosbach addressed Jill Zarin’s controversial charter on Below Deck, said the “camera doesn’t lie,” and reacted to Captain Kerry Titheradge’s response.

Kerry – who replaced Lee on the latest season – was less than impressed by Jill’s strange demands, which sometimes contradicted those of the primary guest (who was footing the bill).

Below Deck had a tough week,” said Lee on his Salty With Captain Lee podcast, via Us Weekly. “They had Jill Zarin on.”

He first addressed Jill’s request for a specific type of ice for her Diet Coke.

“F—k it, drink your Diet Coke hot. I don’t give a s—t,” he expressed. He then spoke to Jill’s displeasure in not having the bathroom fully stocked with appropriate toiletries.

He said toiletries are not placed in the bathroom for guests because it “looks tacky,” and he didn’t understand Jill’s take on it given that he’s never experienced this on any other charter.

“I wonder if she brought some deodorant for her attitude because it sure as hell stunk,” he added.

Lee complimented Captain Kerry for telling the crew to focus less on Jill and more on the primary guest.

“What is happening is that Jill is rattling our cage too much and we are focusing on Jill. We should be focusing on the primary,” said Kerry in the episode. “We can’t drift away from what the primary wants, otherwise we make more and more mistakes.”

On Lee’s podcast, the alum agreed: “You take care of the primary. Everybody else is on their own.”

“Some of the Below Deck stars have since come to Zarin’s defense — including [Barbie] — who after watching the episode back, said, ‘I don’t think Jill was as bad as it looked,’” explained Lee. “The only thing I know is the camera doesn’t lie.”