PHOTOS: Scott Disick Seeking Help After Shock Over ‘Gaunt’ Appearance Following Ozempic Use, See His Before & After Pics

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Scott Disick Is Seeking Help for Ozempic Use After Public Outcry Over His 'Gaunt' Appearance, See His Before & After Pics

Credit: Instagram, INSTARimages

Scott Disick hasn’t been in the public eye as much in more recent years despite continuing to appear on The Kardashians. However, his appearance has caused public outcry over the last few months as he has been spotted looking much thinner than usual.

Now, after the most recent concern from the public, it seems Scott is seeking help from a nutritionist as he stops taking Ozempic. 

Unfortunately, Scott got into a car accident in August 2022 that left him with back pain and restricted his mobility. He then suffered a back injury this past year while teaching his son to do a trick on a dirt bike. Because of the compounded problems, Scott was unable to exercise as he usually had and gained weight. This was actually brought up on an episode of The Kardashians. Scott turned to Ozempic to get back in shape. 

Of course, not everyone knew this, and many began to believe Scott was suffering from some sort of disease. However, The Daily Mail is reporting that this is not the case and that Scott, 40, is seeking help from a nutritionist to get healthy and stop his Ozempic use. 

An insider had this to say to the publication, “Scott recognized that he needed to stop taking Ozempic after seeing the photos of himself and the public outcry over his weight loss. He thought he looked good because he was thinner again – not realizing that this was not healthy.”

The insider continued, “He is now working with a nutritionist to get back on track and not balloon up to the size he was. Scott has been incredibly attractive and fit his entire life and is not having the best time accepting that age is catching up with him.”

Credit: Instagram

Previously, a source confirmed that he was not doing hardcore drugs, which some believed. 

“He is not ill and isn’t doing hardcore drugs. Kourtney would never allow Scott to spend so much time with their kids if he was in the throes of an addiction. Scott started taking Ozempic because he had serious issues with his weight gain. This time last year, he saw himself as fat.”

As you can see below, some people assumed the weight loss was due to Scott using Ozempic:

Of course, a person’s health is their personal business, but fans noticed a stark difference between how Scott looked in 2022 versus how he appeared in 2024.

Still, we’re glad Scott is taking action to get healthy and that he knows the public cares about him.