Vanderpump Rules’ Faith Stowers Calls Brittany ‘Weak’ For Taking Jax Back! Says James & Logan are “Very Very Close”

    James Kennedy Faith Stowers Brittany Cartwright Jax Taylor

    Faith Stowers has been a major topic of conversation on this season of Vanderpump Rules, thanks to her fling with Jax Taylor, despite only appearing in one episode so far.

    Which is why Faith’s latest interview is all the more important as viewers of the show have simply yet to hear her side of the story. In a new podcast interview, Faith doesn’t hold back as she talks about what led to her secret audio recording of Jax and why she thinks Brittany Cartwright is “not a real woman.”  She also reveals why she no longer talks to James Kennedy and Lala Kent, plus she seems to strongly hint that there is more to James friendship with his friend Logan Noh!

    Below are excerpts from Faith’s juicy interview with the Vanderpump Rules Party podcast – Read more

    Lala Kent Reveals She Is No Longer Friends With James Kennedy Due to His Comments! James Calls Her a ‘Hypocrite’

    lala kent ends friendship with james kennedy

    Following last night’s episode of Vanderpump Rules, Lala Kent is revealing today that she can no longer be friends with James Kennedy.

    The reason? It all has to do with some not so nice comments James made about Lala’s boyfriend, movie producer Randall Emmett, on the show. Read more

    Vanderpump Rules Recap: James and Lala Clash Over Their Girlfriend & Boyfriend

    vanderpump rules recap season 6 episode 7

    I don’t know what the Vanderpump Rules crew is talking about. It is ALWAYS about the pasta…#amateurs  It’s almost PRIDE DAY! LVP, as always, preps for her annual gargantuan rager to celebrate and Stassi, the event planning extraordinaire, is tasked to dress the gang in skimpy garments for the day. Stassi, of course, overshares with LVP about her breast reduction. Surprise! She actually didn’t tell the world about something that happened in her life.

    The four stooges, Jax, Peter, Sandoval, and Schwartzie, attend Reiki due to Peter’s insistence. He is a pro; meanwhile, Jax is still quite unclear what the heck he is actually doing. Schwartzie shares his cheating scandal with the Reiki master and everyone else shouts out feelings, while Sandoval does his best ET impression wrapped completely in a blanket. When Jax is asked, he gets all emo and we may be actually seeing a tear. Jax hugs it out with the master and I am pretty sure that he is already planning his next tryst with her. Read more

    Who Is Vanderpump Rules’ Lala Kent’s Boyfriend? See PHOTOS of Randall Emmett!

    lala kent boyfriend randall emmett

    Who is Lala Kent’s boyfriend?

    That is the question many Vanderpump Rules viewers have after watching tonight’s episode which featured James Kennedy making some not so nice comments about Lala’s relationship.

    Well, pictured above is Lala’s boyfriend Randall Emmett who happens to be a rich and successful Hollywood movie producer. Read more

    Is Vanderpump Rules’ Brittany “Trying to Manage” Jax So He Doesn’t Cheat Again?

    vanderpump rules jax taylor and brittany cartwright 2018

    The current season of Vanderpump Rules premiered last month and ever since the major story-line on the show has been Jax Taylor cheating on his long-suffering girlfriend Brittany Cartwright.

    In unusual Jax fashion, he actually admitted to Brittany that he did cheat on her with former SUR server Faith Stowers. As if that wasn’t bad enough, a secret recording that Faith made of Jax, in which he trashes Brittany, was unveiled on the latest episode much to the ire of Brittany. And despite all of this, Brittany has shocked viewers by choosing to stay with Jax.

    But is all well between the two? A new report states there is still some tension in the couple’s relationship. Read more

    Vanderpump Rules Recap: Brittany Hits Her Breaking Point

    vanderpump rules recap season 6 episode 6

    The phrase “mind your own business” means absolutely nothing to the Vanderpump crew…as seen in this episode of Vanderpump Rules.

    The audio has been heard and there’s no un-hearing it. Jax has NO idea that the pink ladies were letting Brittany hear the ugly truth. Brittany obviously decides to make it uncomfortable for the ENTIRE party by letting them ALL hear Jax’s statements to Faith. Naturally, Jax loses his temper because someone actually called him out on his own BS, so he leaves his own party with the men posse.

    James, pretty much the only guy still left at the party, tries to intervene, but LaLa lets him know that he should back the heck up asap. On the audio, Jax is literally saying everything a human NEVER wants to hear about him/herself. Jax is a legit piece of trash. Read more