Bravo Deletes Vicki Gunvalson’s Blog after She Posts Gay Rumors about Tamra’s Husband! Read What She Wrote

by Sola Delano Comments

So it appears the beef between former Real Housewives of Orange County BFFs Tamra Judge and Vicki Gunvalson is getting even uglier, nastier, and unfortunately much more personal.

Tamra decided to cut Vicki out of her life last season after Vicki told costar Kelly Dodd unfounded gay rumors about Tamra’s husband Eddie Judge regarding his sexuality.

Sad to see that a year later Vicki is not only unapologetic but adding more flames to the fire! In fact Vicki goes more in-depth into the gay rumors in her latest Bravo blog, and it was so bad that Bravo had to delete her comments about Eddie! So what did she write? Well that now deleted paragraph is below.

“I was not the first one to repeat or reveal the rumor about Eddie’s past of being gay. Let me make this very clear to all of you: I don’t care one way or the other about his past relationships.  Tamra is the one that should be discussing this with her husband, not lashing out at me for discussing it with my friend. My question is why does she keep directing her anger towards me? Just so you know, before I had that private conversation with Kelly [Dodd] about Eddie, it was already widely reported in the public domain his ‘unorthodox’ relationship with a gay man that adopted him as an adult. Kelly would have eventually found out about it herself sooner or later without me.”

Oh but she didn’t end it there. Vicki continued in her blog, “Tamra should address these rumors with her husband head on and move on from it. If Tamra wants to get upset with me for discussing it privately with Kelly (off camera) then that’s on her. I can’t control what has been said about him, nor do I care!”

Vicki goes on to slam Tamra’s character as well: “Tamra is notorious for hurting people and getting other ladies to side against each other so she feels powerful. It’s a game she has been playing for years, and I’m not playing it any longer. Tamra is notorious for kicking someone when they are down, which I have no desire to do to her.”

One has to wonder if Tamra complained to Bravo about Vicki’s comments or perhaps they just decided to delete on their own.

UPDATE – According to CeleBuzz, Bravo might have deleted Vicki’s comments because some in the LGBT community were hurt that Vicki is insinuating a gay man can’t adopt someone without something being “unorthodox” about it.