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Shahs of Sunset’s Asa Soltan Rahmati Slams Costars for “Hate, Judgment, and Bullying”, Defends Right to Privacy!

Shahs of Sunset Asa 2017

It seems there is always someone in the hot seat every season on Shahs of Sunset, and this season it’s Asa Soltan Rahmati’s turn!

On the most recent episode of the Bravo series, Asa, 40, was criticized by some of her costars, especially Mercedes ‘MJ’ Javid and Mike Shouhed, for choosing to keep some aspects of her life private. And then MJ took it a step further when she accused Asa of not conceiving naturally after finding out Asa had frozen some of her eggs years ago.

Well Asa is now clapping back at her costars! First she insists she has a right to privacy after her costars claimed she was not being authentic on the show. Case in point, Asa’s longer term boyfriend and father of her son Jermaine Jackson Jr. is rarely on the show and viewers know very little about their relationship.

Asa tweeted, “It’s my life and I live it as I want. It’s NOBODYS business,” adding “They want to talk **** 2. They clearly don’t know the difference between private and “secretive”.

She also added that she respected the wishes of Jermaine Jr. not wanting to be on TV. “I respect my mans wishes over anything else. Tv or not. Family above all,” tweeted Asa.

As for those claims by MJ and Mike that she used her frozen eggs to conceive and didn’t get pregnant naturally, she insists her pregnancy was au naturel!

Asa tweeted, “Many women like myself do IVF at a younger age, in case they can’t get pregnant when they are ready later. IN CASE.”

She also insists she is not a fraud in any shape or form. “Again another word. Ring thrown around. “Fraud” lol do they know what privacy means? ” wrote Asa.

Asa also says while she doesn’t share much of her love life, she has been an open book in other areas of her life including “Family, financial struggles, life, Identity, politics, refugee, culture, food, Art etc”.

Lastly, she makes it clear she is over some of her costars who she accuses of “bullying” her. She tweeted, “It was very vey difficult to be pregnant around so much hate, judgment, and bullying from “friends”. But I do me. Period. ”

I must say MJ went way too far in referring to her unborn kid as a “bastard”.  As for the criticism that Asa doesn’t reveal all of her life, I must say I see both sides of the argument. I can understand her costars frustration that while they put all their personal information and relationships out there and get judged harshly for it, it’s not fair that Asa gets to select what she puts on the show. And at the same time, there’s not much Asa can do if her boyfriend doesn’t want to be a part of this hot mess of a show. It’s not like she can force him plus he’s made appearances here and there.

You can check out all of Asa’s tweets below –


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