PHOTO – RHOC’s Shannon Beador Shares Hospital Selfie after 911 Call

by Sola Delano
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Shannon Beador Hospital Nose Bleed

Is Shannon Beador okay?!

The Real Housewives of Orange County star had some fans alarmed when she shared the above selfie of herself in a hospital.

Shannon, 52, posted this photo on her Instagram page hours ago explaining how she landed in the hospital. She reveals she was driving her daughter Sophie Beador to the DMV when she started bleeding out of her nose and one of her eyes. Yikes.

Shannon wrote, “Poor Sophie. I feel horrible for traumatizing her today. Was driving with Sophie to the DMV this afternoon so she could finally get her license and my nose started to bleed. Then it started gushing out of my nose, down my throat, and out of my left eye.”

She however assures us all is well now following an emergency call to 911.

She continued, “Sophie had to call 911. I was sitting in the DMV parking lot with blood spewing out everywhere. Was in the hospital all afternoon, but everything is ok now. Probably because if the dry weather here. I made Sophie stay at the DMV and had someone meet her so she could still get her license. She passed!!! ?❤️? And then thought it was ok to drive home and take her sister out for ice cream without asking. ? Car rules are being laid down tonight! #eventfulday#lettheweekendbemellow”.

Whew! Good to know this story had a happy ending.