RHOC’s Vicki Gunvalson Reveals More Details on Shannon Beador Domestic Violence Claims, Says She Has Proof

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Shannon Beador and Vicki Gunvalson Real Housewives of Orange County 2017

Vicki Gunvalson is not backing away from her allegations that Shannon Beador’s husband David Beador physically abused her.  In fact she’s doubling down on it!

On last night’s episode of the Real Housewives of Orange County, Vicki met with castmate Meghan King Edmonds during which she refused to backtrack on her claims which she first made last season.

“I probably shouldn’t have said that to Kelly,” said Vicki after Meghan reminded her she wronged Shannon by claiming her husband beat her. Despite attempting to show remorse, Vicki doubled down on her claims, revealing more details.

“I have all the text messages and pictures. And do I ever want to reveal it? No,” said Vicki. “No it wasn’t a gossip. I did talk to Shannon about getting help,” added Vicki.

It didn’t end there as Vicki added that she “absolutely” feared for Shannon’s well-being.  And when Meghan pressed her on why she didn’t call the cops, Vicki stated,  “Because it wasn’t my place.”

Following her lunch with Vicki, Meghan relayed Vicki’s comments to Shannon, who was shopping with Tamra Judge at the time, via a phone call.

“I had lunch with Vicki and overall the lunch went well,” Mehgan told Shannon. “I tried to get her side of the story and said, ‘Vicki, you spread this rumor that David beats Shannon.’ And she’s like, ‘But he did. He did.’”

“She also said she has text messages that prove it. And I said, ‘Well, share the text messages, Vicki,’ ” continued Meghan.

Shannon, who believed Vicki was referencing the same texts and photos she showed Andy Cohen during the RHOC reunion last season, didn’t seem phased telling the ladies,  “I’ve already explained the situation.”

“That was the darkest place for me,” Shannon said at the reunion last year regarding photos that showed bruises on her shoulder and hip.  Shannon said back then the bruises were from a fight with David during which she attempted to break open a door after she had found out he was cheating on her. “My husband did not beat me. He had had an affair on me and I was doing my best to bring my family back together.”

Shannon then went on to call Vicki’s credibility into question as she spoke to Meghan and Tamra. “They faked a cat scan. They faked chemotherapy records. I don’t want to see any texts that she comes out with, because it’s not going to be real,” said Shannon referencing Vicki’s involvement in her ex-boyfriend Brook Ayers’ false claims about having cancer.

Tamra also chimed in making it clear she still believes Vicki is a liar face! “Vicki is like a broken record. All she ever says is I have proof. I have proof! If you have proof, show it,” said Tamra. “If she had any kind of text message they would have been out a year ago.”

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