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Real Housewives of Dallas

RHOD’s Kameron Westcott Says Brandi’s Upset Because Dog “Louis’s Outfits are More Fabulous Than Hers”

RHOD Kameron vs Brandi

Real Housewives of Dallas newbie Kameron Westcott made her mark on last night’s episode of the show when she schooled castmate Brandi Redmond on proper etiquette!

Fast forward to today and Kameron is not backing down as she disses Brandi by saying she’s simply upset because her dog’s designer outfits are more fabulous than hers.  Yikes.

The drama began on the latest episode of RHOD when Brandi, 39, decided to give castmates Stephanie Hollman and Cary Deuber pink gifts and invite them  to Tennessee to visit her family. The problem? Brandi did this right in front of Kameron, and did NOT give her a gift nor extend an invitation to her for the trip.

Kameron, 34, didn’t take too well to the awkwardness of being left out and decided to call Brandi out right then and there on the spot. Brandi apologized to Kameron but also felt she went too far by “lecturing” her in front of her young daughter. Kameron however sees things differently.

Kameron stated in her Bravo blog, “Whats’ more inappropriate in front of children giving bottles of whiskey as gifts or educating someone on basic manners? #glasshouse. ”

When it comes to her feelings on Brandi not giving her a gift or inviting her on the trip, Kameron reiterates that she felt it wasn’t nice.

If I were to say to someone, hey sorry I am about to slap you in the face and then slapped you in the face, it wouldn’t be okay. Yes, Brandi said sorry before she gave her gifts, but that does not make it okay,” said Kameron.  “It’s always good to make people feel inclusive and inviting people on trips or giving random gifts should never be done in front of others.”

And what about Brandi’s snide comments about Kameron choosing to dress her dog in expensive designer Cavalli outfits or that certain women in Dallas use charity to promote themselves and their wealth?

“I just think she is upset that Louis’s outfits are more fabulous than hers,” blogged Kameron. “I think Brandi is naive to charity in Dallas. Dallas is one of the most charitable cities in the world. If I had to pick one word to describe the culture in Dallas it would be charity. Outside of work, our families and our faiths, charity is the glue that holds Dallas together. Of course, it would be ideal for all the money to go to charity and most of it does. By having luncheons and events creates community and when you have community, you have buy in and that in the long run makes the world a better place.”

Kameron does close out her blog by saying Brandi would realize there is more to her if she simply got to know her.

“Yes, Brandi, I am on the surface outrageously fabulous, over the top girly and completely ridiculous, but life is hard and it’s all to make life a little more fun and less serious and there is so much more to me if she would only have an open heart to try to get to know,” wrote Kameron.


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