Shep Rose and RelationShep Winner Bella Clark Have Broken Up! Find Out Why

by Sola Delano

relationshep update shep rose and Bella Clark break up

Welp, that was quick!

Just a day after Bravo aired the finale of Shep Rose’s dating show RelationShep, the Southern Charm star is revealing he and the show’s winner Bella Clark are no longer together.

On the show’s Monday night finale, Shep, 37, shocked viewers when he didn’t pick any of his remaining two bachelorettes. Instead, he went for 24-yr-old Bella who had previously left the show early to return to her job in New York.

“Sadly, it didn’t work out,” Shep told PEOPLE of his break up with his final pick Bella. “It’s too bad. She’s an awesome girl, and when she left the show, I couldn’t get her out of my head. I really adored her. I had a warm and fuzzy feeling about her and I wanted to see where that went.”

So where did things go wrong? Shep acknowledges that dating someone on camera and off camera in real life aren’t quite the same.

He stated, “The only time we spent together was on camera, and once you are with each other in a different setting, you maybe find out you’re not as compatible as you thought. We just couldn’t make it work.”

Another reason things didn’t work out was the 13 year age difference. Duh Shep!

“What’s important to you, it’s just so different where you are in life that it’s hard to overcome,” said Shep. “After the show, I really earnestly wanted to hang out with Bella, so I went up to New York to see her a few times for a week here and there. And we spent great time together. But she was at a place in her life where she had a lot on her plate, and a relationship may not have been top priority.”

“We sort of just drifted apart, by no real fault of anyone,” he added. “I went home and we were sort of texting a little less. And then I came back to New York one last time to see her, and it was clear there that it was over.”

The good news is the two exes appear to be on good terms judging by this recent exchange on Twitter.

Some fans of the show also pointed out to Shep that perhaps the reason he chose Bella was because he couldn’t have her (she left the show early), something Shep appears to acknowledge.  Must say as an avid viewer of Southern Charm, I’ve noticed as well that he seems to like the chase aka unattainable women!

Shep tweeted to the fan, “You have a valid point. But this was something else..i thought.”

As for what comes next for Shep, he is currently single and apparently leaving the door open to getting back together with Priscilla, 34, one of the two finalists he didn’t pick. Lucky girl!

When a fan tweeted to Shep that Priscilla was the one who got away and that he should try to get back together with her, he responded: “I texted with Pricilla this morning. We are certainly friends. And who knows what might happen??”

shep tweet

Might not be a good sign that he spelled her name wrong!