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Family By The Ton

Exclusive Interview With Naomi Anderson: Family By The Ton Star Talks Life After Weight Loss Surgery Plus Update PHOTOS!

Family By The Ton Star Naomi Anderson Interview

This week we bring you an exclusive interview with Family by the Ton star Naomi Anderson. Naomi embarked on a weight loss journey with other members of her family on the TLC hit reality show. With the help of Dr. Charles Proctor, Naomi got weight loss surgery although it wasn’t without any obstacles. In this interview, nothing is off limits. We discuss the show, her journey, and decision to have her weight loss journey documented to save her live.

At the time of our interview, Naomi wasn’t able to give out specifics about her relationship status with her boyfriend Mike Faulkner since the show had yet to air.  However, viewers saw her relationship with Mike come to an end on Wednesday night’s finale episode after he dumped her out of fear that she would end up dumping him due to her weight loss.  Naomi also lost close to 100 pounds.

Below is our interview with the 30-yr-old TLC star and new weight loss photos –

What is the biggest obstacle if any to staying on track? 

Naomi: Making that extra effort to really push yourself when you’re sad or stressed and feel those old habits trying to kick in. Stress is my main obstacle because I struggle with emotional eating.

How is your mum doing? In watching the show she did encounter some complications from her weight loss procedure.

Naomi: My mom is doing amazing. She is strong and she struggled for a while but she is back and better than ever!

Was it hard staying on track because your family loves to plan get-togethers and food is usually a part of that?

Naomi: Not really. Staying on track is more of a mental thing. You have to want it bad enough despite what anyone else is doing or eating around you.

We saw your boyfriend be very supportive, how is your relationship?

Naomi:  He was amazing during the process and my surgery and I’m forever appreciative for that but keep watching.

Would you recommend weight loss surgery to other people considering it?

Naomi: I definitely would, but only if they have exhausted all other avenues.  At the end of the day, it is surgery and it should not be entered in lightly.

family by the ton naomi anderson update photo 2018

A recent weight loss photo update of Naomi Anderson from February 2018

So this journey was about you and your cousins, can you tell us how they are doing?

Naomi:  Ammaaazing, that’s all I can say.

How has your life changed since the surgery?

Naomi:  Wow, I’m so much happier then I ever thought I could be honestly. Having that surgery made me see myself differently and I realized how strong I am and it allowed me to get out my comfort zone. I can run and play with my nephew and go on rides with him. It was definitely worth it.

family by the ton naomi update picture

Another recent pic of Naomi.

Why did you decide to embark on this journey on a reality show?

Naomi: Actually I didn’t. Had it not been for my older sister Nikki making me, no one would have ever seen me. It took a lot of convincing as I didn’t want my personal life on display for people to judge.

Do you have any regrets about doing the show?

Naomi: No, everything happens for a reason and I was completely myself during the entire process. I’m satisfied with that.

A before and after photo of Naomi!

Weight loss surgery is never the end but the beginning so here is to wishing Naomi and her family the best as they continue this journey.

You can keep up with Naomi via her Instagram and Facebook page. You can also catch up on episodes of Family By The Ton on TLC GO!

Photos Credit: TLC



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