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Love & Hip Hop

Love and Hip Hop Miami Recap: Irreconcilable Differences

love and hip hop miami recap veronica vs amara

Even in the glamorous world of hip hop, in the glamorous city of Miami, relationships are never easy. And whether it was friendships, business partners, marriages, or ex lovers, last night’s episode of Love and Hip Hop: Miami had more beefs than beats.

When we picked up with the Miami crew, Keyara was confronting her boyfriend, Gunplay, about her suspicions. Gunplay  is a recovering addict, and she found physical evidence that he may have relapsed

Last week Keyara found a small amount of white powder, and when she went to confront Gunplay on the set of his video shoot, and saw even more white powder laying around, she lost it! Gunplay didn’t appreciate her telling him what to do, so he did a little going off of his own. He yelled at Keyara, threw a chair against the wall, and told her leave.

This was actually pretty sad. Gunplay, despite his moniker and whatever is happening with his dreads, seems like a really sweet guy, and his love for Keyara appears quite genuine.

For her part, Keyara is angry with her man, but mostly she just wants to help him get better. She knew it was the drugs that made him lash out, and that when it was all said and done, he has an illness, and was self medicating through his grief over the loss of his friend.

Shay Johnson’s situation is perhaps even more complicated. She just recently moved to Miami to be with her boyfriend, Pleasure P., but soon discovered him with another woman. P ended the relationship after a lot of fighting and drama over his womanizing, and though Shay was disappointed, she quickly rebounded with her ex boyfriend, Scrappy.

Shay and Scrappy were together for years when the both lived in Atlanta, and the demise of their relationship had left Shay devastated. So imagine her surprise when Scrappy suddenly appeared in Miami wanting to meet for a drink.

Scrappy wants to get back together, and if she’s honest, so does Shay, but she’s still smarting a little from her breakup with P, and is apprehensive about letting Scrappy back into her life. Shay’s new business venture could get equally complicated. Blue, a band mate of P’s, got Shay a modeling gig, and when she mentioned the line of athletic wear that she was designing, the two decided to work together.

This decision seemed to surprise even them. You see, Blue and Pleasure P have recently reunited with their band, “Pretty Ricky”, and when Shay first arrived in Miami, it had seemed like she might have a Yoko Ono effect on the group. She’d felt P was too good for the group, and tried to convince him to remain solo. Blue and Shay had argued briefly, but after talking realized they actually liked each other.

When Shay broke the news to Blue about her breakup with P, he’d expressed concern that P may not like them working together. But Shay assured him it would be fine, and besides she needed someone to help promote her product. She did, however, decline Blue’s offer to “smash”.

Blue opted to keep his business arrangement with Shay a secret from P, but it didn’t stay secret for long. P walked right in on them in the middle of a meeting, and was NOT happy.

He felt betrayed by Blue, who assured him that it was only business. P really didn’t want to hear it, and couldn’t believe his friend had betrayed their “brotherhood”.

P was also angry with Shay. Although, the breakup had been his decision, he’d been upset to hear that Shay as seeing Scrappy again. Of course, he’d heard this from Joy while they’d been on a date, but all’s fair in love and Hip Hop, right?

Joy is going through a breakup of her own. After years of back and forth with Trick Daddy, the two have finally filed for divorce.  Joy’s cousin, Trina was glad that she and Trick were over, but was disappointed to see her on a date with P, whose doggish ways are surely the very last thing Joy needs in her life.

Poor JoJo’s relationship drama wasn’t  even her own. She was just stuck in the middle of her parents’ contentious divorce, and they both wanted her to choose sides. JoJo’s father is extremely wealthy, and he is willing to do anything to keep his soon to be ex wife’s hands off of millions….even if it means using his own daughter.

JoJo’s father told her that after her brother testified against him, he was going to leaving all of his money to her, and that she’d soon “see how her mother is”. JoJo certainly didn’t want to see her mother left high and dry, but when she tried to express her concerns, her father told her to “think with her head, not her heart”, and to stay away from the woman, who was trying to “f**k” him over.

For JoJo’s mother’s part, she only seems to want her due.  She knew her estranged husband was trying to “hide” his money, and asked her lawyer to subpoena the purchasing paperwork for JoJo’s boutique. JoJo’s father helped her buy the store, and that paperwork would prove he had plenty of money.

It’s a shame, because JoJo clearly loves both of her parents, and just wants them to be happy, and be cordial to each other for her sake. But as they say, divorce is hardest on the children…even when they’re adults.

Things seemed to be looking up for Amara in terms of her career. She’s working on new music, and trying to crossover into the mainstream market. And she’s getting help from a very unlikely source.

Young Hollywood is an in demand producer. He makes hits, and musicians all over the world want to work with him. Amara was no different, but when the two met, Amara had gotten angry when he suggested she change her “look”, particularly her signature Afro.

Amara had been incensed at Young Hollywood’s suggestions, and vowed to “make it as herself”, fabulous fro and all. And while remaining true to yourself and your convictions is certainly honorable, had Amara taken things too far?  Probably. You see, once Amara decided that SHE wasn’t going to be working with Young Hollywood, she felt all of her friends should stay away from him too.

Amara’s friend, Veronica had gone on a date with him, and while she’d insisted Young Hollywood apologize to Amara for offending her, it hadn’t been enough for Amara. This lead to a pretty heated argument between the two women, with Amara accusing Veronica of being disloyal, and Veronica accusing her of being selfishness and over sensitive.

So you can imagine Veronica’s surprise when she saw Amara and Young Hollywood out at a club together! Veronica hadn’t realized that the two had made amends, and that after  all that drama, Amara was working with him.

The ladies argued viciously, even lunging at each other, and Veronica called Amara a “fake a** b*tch”and a “fraud”. She also let a major cat out of the bag when she revealed that Amara’s glorious, beautiful, full Afro was nothing but a “fake a** party city wig”!

Wait….WHAT?! A wig?! I must admit I my suspicions…no way was all that hair fitting under the short, blond wig she modeled a few episodes back. But still, it’s disappointing.  All of that righteous indignation and soap box standing was over a wig?! Girl, bye! I’m team Veronica on this one.

The drama continues next week, viewers. Will Gunplay get the help he needs? Will Veronica and Amara make amends? Most importantly, will we see what’s REALLY happening under that wig?! Stay tuned!


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