Love and Hip Hop Miami Season Reunion Part 1 Recap: Reunion Ruckus

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love and hip hop miami recap reunion part 1

If you thought the first season of Love and Hip Hop: Miami was messy, you should have seen the reunion! There was a lot going on, much of it screamed unintelligibly, or bleeped by the network censors, but here it goes…

Host Nina Parker began with Bobby Lytes, and showed a highlight reel of sorts, of his over the top antics throughout the season. Bobby’s an interesting guy. He’s volatile, but sweet and well intentioned. He just needs A LOT of attention, and to that end, has a tendency to be “extra”. It’s exhausting, and his relationships have suffered for it.

Bobby’s cousin Trina is much more laid back, and said she doesn’t have any desire to get caught up in the constant barrage of drama that seems to follow him wherever he goes. But she also reported that the two are in a better place, and that she respected his music, and could even be open to the possibility of working with him in the future.

These niceties apparently didn’t sit well with Trina’s assistant, Alvin Rockstar, because he went OFF! He called Bobby every name in the book, and even rushed across the stage like a running back in an effort to put hands on him.

This wasn’t  their first spat. Viewers may recall that the two men had a scuffle during a dinner with Trina that had quickly devolved into petty oneupmanships about who was actually closer to her, and ended with Bobby throwing a glass at Alvin.

But here’s the truly crazy part: When Trina was asked what had caused all the animosity between them, she said she had no idea, and after Alvin and Bobby were back in their seats, they each said they had “no problem” with the other. REALLY?! I’d hate to see how they act toward people they DO have a problem with.

Bobby’s relationship with Jeffrey was also a hot topic. The two had been an ideal couple, but things had gone south after Jeffrey’s ex Malik came back into his life, and announced he was finally ready to live his life as an out gay man. Jeffrey had been waiting for Malik to get to this place for years, and with Bobby prioritizing his work above his relationship, Jeffrey had been ripe for the picking, and began an affair with Malik.

When Bobby saw them together, and realized Jeffrey was cheating, he confronted him, and ended up hitting him. During the reunion Bobby acknowledged that he’d been wrong to resort to violence, but said that he’d been so shocked and hurt, that he just snapped.

Jeffrey and Malik went on to enjoy a seemingly ideal relationship of their own, until Jeffrey decided to go to Bobby’s single release party without telling Malik.

This had lead to a heated argument between the couple, but they’d eventually resolved it, which begged the question: why were they sitting on opposite sides of the stage during the reunion?

Malik announced that he and Jeffrey had been having “issues”, and that he’d come to the conclusion that they were “not compatible”, and that while he’d always have love for Jeffrey, they’d never be together…not even as friends.

This was all news to Jeffrey, who said that they’d traveled to the reunion together, and that although he knew they had some problems, he was blindsided by the breakup.

Well, who wouldn’t be? It was pretty harsh. But damn, what did Jeffrey do to this man to make him dump him in such a sudden, final, and humiliating way?!

Well, we may never know. Malik was enough of a gentleman not to elaborate further, but said that things happened to “change his heart”, and it was simply over. OUCH!

Next up was Shay. She’s another feisty one, and like Bobby, she kinda likes to fight. Also like Bobby, her quick temper is a relationship killer. Shay recently relocated to Miami because of her relationship with Pleasure P, who had been in the process of reuniting with his band, Pretty Ricky, when Shay moved to town.

Shay initially tried to dissuade P from rejoining the group, and insisted that he was the true star, and should therefore remain solo. She also didn’t care for his band mate, Blue, and wasn’t shy about showing it.

This placed P in an impossible situation, and after a nasty confrontation between Shay and Blue, he’d arranged for the two to have a sit down so they could discuss, and hopefully squash their issues.

And it actually worked. Shay and Blue came away laughing. But the goodwill was short lived because P’s former flame, Gabby, showed up, and when Shay saw her with P, she threw a bowl of ice cream at her head. P, gentleman that he is, ducked to avoid the sweet, creamy assault.

P was able to pull the women apart before things went any further, but Shay had gone on the attack again, when she saw Gabby at a fashion show a few weeks later.

Gabby wisely joined the reunion via satellite, so no further assaults took place.  But Shay told her that she never should have showed up to P’s event in the first place.

Gabby’s friends Chinese Kitty and Chinese Nikki were on stage, though, and tried to defend Gabby by saying that she didn’t even know Shay existed. These ladies had also come to Gabby’s defense at the fashion show.

Shay didn’t like it then, and she certainly didn’t like it at the reunion. So once again, they argued loudly, and had to be held back from physically attacking each other.  But luckily, these people tend to calm down as quickly as they get hyped up, so Shay moved on to discuss her break up with P. Aside from his cheating, Shay said P had never had her back, particularly when it came to her argument with Blue.

P said he’d been in a bad position, and Blue concurred, saying P had done the best he could, considering he was stuck in the middle. But Shay didn’t agree, saying her man should have taken her side.

Shay’s friend, Liz, agreed with her, but when she piped up to say so, Blue rudely shut her down, telling her to “shut the f*** up”, and mind her business. He even got up off the couch to approach her, causing the others to once again jump up, and hold him back.

Nina Parker addressed Blue’s disrespect immediately, and said his aggressive behavior, particularly toward a woman, would NOT be tolerated. But Blue was undeterred, and proceeded to tell the host to “shut the f***up”, as well, because she was not going to “check him” over “some chick.”

What a charmer! But don’t get any ideas, ladies, because the only “chick” he gets “thirsty” over is Trina. Lucky girl!

There was time to discuss one final conflict: that of Amara and Young Hollywood. As viewers may remember, their issues stemmed from Young Hollywood suggesting that Amara change her signature hair.

This led to several arguments between the two, and Amara insisting that her friends keep their distance from him, as well. Young Hollywood found all the drama surprising. He’d only made a suggestion, and it had caused weeks of turmoil.

He mentioned last night that he felt as though the whole thing had been misconstrued, and claimed that he’d actually been quite good to Amara. So good, in fact, that she’d brought a “bed set” the last time they’d seen each other, and had even lain down in his bed.

It was unclear what exactly he was implying, but Amara did admit to lying in his bed, although she said it wasn’t what it seemed.

The reunion cake to a close at that point, so it looks like we’ll have to wait until next week to get to the bottom of THAT saga. So stay tuned…there’s plenty more drama to come when part  2 of the reunion airs Monday at 9!