Cary Deuber Says RHOD Cast is One of the ‘Prettiest’ Franchises, Talks Helping Stephanie Hollman With ‘Tightening’ Procedure!

by Tiffany Brown

Cary Deuber talks prettiest RHOD cast and Stephanie Hollman

Well, Atlanta has a former Miss USA and a model, Beverly Hills has plenty of starlets, and The OC has a bevy of California blondes, but which franchise has the prettiest Housewives? The Real Housewives of Dallas star Cary Deuber says they do, of course!

“I feel like we’re one of the prettiest franchises,” Cary told Page Six during a recent interview.  “I’m gonna toot our own horn. Beep beep! I really do.  I think we’re a really good looking group of girls.”

Nothing like being modest, right? But Cary may know from whence she speaks.  She’s a plastic surgery nurse, after all.  In fact, she helped perform a procedure on one of her pretty cast mates, but we won’t be seeing the results — I hope!

Cary revealed she helped Stephanie Hollman with a vagina tightening procedure at her laser center, and apparently it’s brought them closer than ever.

“We’re vagina sisters for life!” she announced.

She went on to say that the procedure was necessary to help with incontinence, and that Stephanie seems pleased with the results.

“I was literally like, ‘Girl, you need to get on the table and do this!’ Every time she jumped, she peed, so she needed it!” Cary explained.  “Like, she’s had two kids.  Her bladder–her urethra–it’s not what it used to be! So you know I think this is really good for her.  Something she actually needed and she loves…I didn’t see (her vagina) so it’s still ok!”

Well, that’s something you know about Stephanie now. You’re welcome! I’m sure she’s thrilled that her friend shared such intimate details about her life!

However, when it comes to other plastic surgery procedures, Cary subscribes to the “less is more” school of thought, particularly when it comes to injectables.

“I think it’s really important to take care of your skin, which is what lasers do…if I had to give advice I would just say, you know, go slow,” she warned.  “Do what’s right for you.  Make sure you’re going to somebody that you know knows you and your face and has a light hand!”

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Photos Credit:, Kathy Hutchins/