90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days Recap – The Things We Do For Love

by Julia Comments

90 Day Fiance Before the 90 Days The Things We Do For Love Ricky proposes to Ximena

On this episode of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days, be prepared for an emotional roller coaster as these couples race against the clock all in the name of love.

Rachel & Jon:

Before the 90 Days The Things We Do For Love Jon
Rachel’s heading back to England…round II. This time it’s different, though, cuz Rachel and Jon are getting hitched! Rach is sporting some fresh highlights for the upcoming nuptials and she is trying to keep a brave face since NONE of her family will be able to attend the big day in England. Rachel shares her anxiety about the reunion because of something heavy that’s been bothering her in regards to Jon.

Twelve hours later, Rachel and her baby daughter Lucy have landed in England. Clearly “dad” life isn’t suiting Jon very well. He’s got a pretty serious dad bod and has gone entirely gray. Does anyone else feel like Jon is wasted or something? He kisses with his eyes open and blurts things out like “I f*cking love you” whilst staring wildly at Rachel. He legit looks like a frat guy who has been binge drinking for a week straight and just emerged from his bed in time to order Dominoes. Just me?

Jon continues his wild behavior as they drive through the streets of England. They are headed to a cottage and are having a sort of rehearsal dinner type of event. Turns out that party-boy-Jon invited an ex-girlfriend to the event because he “bumped into her” and “hasn’t spoken to her for years!” Not cool, Jon……. Jon gets super salty because of Rachel’s reaction and his fuse has definitely shortened.

The little family has arrived at their rental cottage and it’s all very picturesque….until Rachel decides NOW is the time to confront Jon. Rachel has the passwords of Jon’s social media accounts and it turns out that Jon has been having a long, reoccurring convo with an ex-girlfriend. Rachel lets Jon know that she even saw Jon’s message to the ex that read, “I really did love you.” Jon tries to turn the conversation around and Rachel lets Jon know that it’s not ok for him to throw the “love” word around, especially when they are due to be married in two weeks. Jon keeps digging himself deeper and deeper and Rachel’s insecurities and fears are haunting her.

Tarik & Hazel:

Before the 90 Days The Things We Do For Love Hazel
Can these two just end this charade already?! The four day vacation is wrapping up and Tarik is over the moon since Hazel has decided to actually speak to him around day 3. Not only is she speaking, she told Tarik she loved him! “This is my wildest dreams come to life.” So what you’re saying is that you’ve always wanted to be with a chick who doesn’t enjoy PDA and simply uses you for a ticket to America?

Tarik decides that Hazel should meet his daughter, Ari, via video chat. See what happens when you tell a guy you love him, Hazel? Hazel gets mad suspicious when Tarik pushes her out of the camera frame when trying to FaceTime with his daughter, Ari. Ari is staying with her mother (Tarik’s ex, Rose) and it becomes very clear that Tarik did not fill Rose in on his new love interest, Hazel. This makes for an angry Hazel. “Why you didn’t tell Rose about me?” Tarik’s awkwardness hits a new level as he tries to explain to Hazel how he keeps his “private life private” when it comes to his ex. In a forced by the producers way (or so it seems), Hazel demands that Tarik call Rose and tell Rose about Hazel. Tarik gets defensive and explains that in the past, people always try to tear him down when he’s happy. Therefore, he keeps his lips sealed about his biz-ness. You don’t need to be a body language expert to know that Hazel is so over this.

With only two days left in the Philippines, Tarik is still hemming and hawing over whether or not he’s going to pop the question. Hazel seems distant (even more than usual) and Tarik knows that she is still a bit ticked off about Tarik’s reaction about his ex. Somehow, the couple gets on the subject of crazy family members and it turns out that Hazel has a “crazy” sister in Japan who has never met Tarik. There’s one problem though…Hazel states that her sister “said she really don’t like you.” Interesting…considering they never met. It comes out that right after finding out that Tarik has kept Hazel a secret from his ex, Hazel phoned her sis in Japan. Hazel’s sister lets her know that she could always marry a Japanese guy and Hazel makes the situation crystal clear to Tarik. “Maybe that guy is very rich.” Ouch. Tarik seems completed bewildered by Hazel’s statements and cannot even wrap his mind around Hazel’s sister trying to get her to marry someone from Japan. I’m confused, too. Especially when Hazel outright suggests that Tarik could just propose to her and then the whole “Japanese husband” idea can go right out the window. Tarik explains, “my trust has been shaken a little bit.”

Tarik is “a little confused” and is feeling “pressured to propose,” but he decides the best thing to do would be to talk to Hazel about this “Japanese guy.” Hazel denies it all and even goes in for a quick “I love you so much” hug. Pleased with her canned response, Tarik asks, “Want some beach music?” Tarik, the romantic, has made a RAP ABOUT HAZEL. I can hardly control my laughing. As Tarik bops around with his portable speaker singing along to the lyrics-“A brother wanna make you my round the way girl”- Hazel looks appalled. “What I want to happen is that Hazel thinks I’m a good rapper.” Um, her response is,“Gee.” And then Tarik drops to one knee and Hazel says, “What is that?” Tarik asks Hazel for her hand in marriage and she pretends like she doesn’t understand what is going on. Poor Tarik’s knee is sinking into the sand as Hazel ponders the proposal. After what seems to be an eternity, Hazel says yes and even manages a smile. She looks sick to her stomach and like she made a bad choice immediately after putting that ring on her finger.

Darcey & Jesse:

Before the 90 Days The Things We Do For Love Darcey and Jesse Break Up
“Today I am finally breaking up with Darcey.” That’s interesting because based on the initial shot it seemed more like Jesse was planning to murder the girl. He is SO weird, especially when he states cryptically that “there was something that Darcey got caught up in.” How bout Darcey with her excessive baggage and oversized white jacket? The poor girl legit thinks that Jesse is here “in the name of love.” She has no idea what’s coming to her and she blindly believes that Jesse wants to work things out with her.

Darcey admits that this has not been a healthy relationship, but perhaps they can “save their love, cuz there is love there.” Fat chance, Darcey. Jesse, doing his best to impersonate a fighter pilot circa WWII with that ensemble, is counting down the seconds to cut ties with Darcey. Darcey gets herself set up in the park donning her scandalous attire and Jesse finally rolls up to see his soon-to-be-ex. He greets her with a “hey baby” and a giant hug. Def not clues that a break up is lingering. This is by far the strangest greeting and Jesse talks to Darcey as if she is his 10 year old daughter. Jesse calls an Uber and they pile in for a cringe-worthy ride to the hotel. Jesse jumps right in and lets Darcey know that she “needs help.” He claims he cannot keep up with her “lies and deceit” and Jesse outs Darcey for her arrest. It seems as though Darcey was ARRESTED for HITTING her SISTER. WTF. Jesse states “you are about drama” and Darcey is starting to realize Jesse’s intentions. She wants OUT of that Uber, but Jesse keeps slinging low blows her direction.
Jesse: “If you don’t get therapy about your alcoholism…”
Darcey: “Call yourself out! You don’t love me. You never did you LIAR. GET OUT OF MY LIFE.”
End scene. And relationship.

Angela & Michael:

Before the 90 Days The Things We Do For Love Angela
“I could just choke you for doing this to me.” That’s Angela’s reaction to doing any sort of aerobic activity, ya know, like climbing up some stairs. Michael has decided to bring Angela to some rock in Nigeria and he butters up his lady and straight up asks Angela if she wants to marry him. Thank goodness Ang doesn’t simply propose right then and there at the rock site. Angela lets Michael know that he has “changed” her “life in a lot of ways,” but that she isn’t sure if she is gonna propose to her main squeeze.

Michael’s realizing that time is running out and it doesn’t look likely that he’s gonna be Mr. Angela. Angela makes Michael “feel so special,” despite his concerns about Angela’s family and kids. He sounds like a used car salesman practically begging Angela for a shot at the USA. Michael tries every tactic he knows to make Angela believe in him. “I better not be making a mistake, Michael.” Angela thinks and thinks and thinks and then finally, she says YOLO and she pulls out an American flag napkin from her breasts. Michael unwraps the napkin and out pops a wedding ring. Angela warns Michael to “not f*ck it up” and Michael’s excitement is over the top. “USA here I come. Donald Trump, I’m coming to see you!” Oooph. Holy smokes! Talk about a curveball! Out of left field, we have a double engagement up in here. From HIS pocket, Michael pulls out a ring for Angela! They both have said yes and now they are America-bound, as fiancés.

Paul & Karine:

Before the 90 Days The Things We Do For Love Karine suffers miscarriage
Despite the happy news that Karine is expecting, she still wants a divorce from Paul. She claims that she is “tired” and things must be prettttty bad if she is willing to be a single parent instead of sticking it out with Paul. Karine has “doubts” about the fights and about bringing a baby into a volatile household. Paul begs Karine to rethink the divorce talk and eventually, his badgering wears her down. Karine decides to give Paul one more chance, but that’s it! He better shape up or ship out…without Karine AND the baby.

Paul, Karine, and Karine’s mother are on their way to the hospital due to an ultrasound catching some abnormalities. Karine complains of some cramping and the doctor orders another ultrasound. As they watch the screen, the doctor explains that there is no activity with the baby and that the baby stopped growing at 8 weeks. It is a genetic problem and it is absolutely devastating. Karine needs to be admitted in the hospital to have the baby removed and it is such a horrible situation. My heart goes out to the couple.

Ricky & Ximena:
“My time is running out with Ximena” and now she is bringing Ricky somewhere isolated in the Colombian wilderness so she can get revenge on being his second string lady. The duo sit on a dock and talk about Melissa, because what else do they even have to talk about anymore? Ricky apologizes over and over again, X remains angry, and things don’t look so good for the future of this couple. Ximena says, “If you want to show me you won’t speak to Melissa, jump in the water.” Uh, what?! This is even more concerning considering Ricky doesn’t know how to swim. She’s essentially giving him a death sentence. Ximena tries to make it seem like she wants Ricky to show his love for her this way, but I know she’s secretly wishing he has bricks tied to his ankles. “I’m a little mean. A little naughty.” Yea, I’ll say, Ximena. You’re a crazy lady! Thank GOD Ricky didn’t lose his fanny pack in the midst of his flapping around trying to survive in the cold water. “She’s definitely wife material.” Sure she is…if you’re into the type of wife that tries to kill you. Just watch that she doesn’t put antifreeze in your dinner…

Ricky is over the moon because he got Ximena back…after almost drowning. The guy has decided to propose to X because “she is the love of” his “life.” The guy moves fast! Ricky’s fanny pack can be used for multi-purposes, up to and including holding a ring for a Colombian Cupid lady. As the couple enjoys a romantic lunch on the water, Ricky fumbles with his words and showers Ximena with cheesy one liners. He gets Ximena up under the guise that he wanted to take a picture of her and then wouldn’t ya know, when X turns around, Ricky is down on one knee. Ximena cries, says yes, and Ricky shoves the ring onto her finger. It’s gonna be so interesting to see how Ricky’s family reacts to this news… “So this is the Melissa we’ve heard so much about!” Ricky: “Nah bro…knock that off. This is XIMENA!” The confusion to ensue is hilarious.


Before the 90 Days The Things We Do For Love Marta
Marta’s sweating because she still hasn’t received the “letter of invitation” from Daya and that may be problematic since she needs that letter to get the visa. Marta meets up with her friend from “work” and the girls half-heartedly ride stationary bikes and discuss Daya’s “barriers and circumstances that make it difficult.” Marta’s friend sees this as a red flag, as most sane human beings would, but Marta makes excuses and claims that their love is real. Marta explains that she hasn’t told her mother and family about the lack of letter from Daya and her friend straight up states that maybe Daya is “not the one.” (Snooze fest.)