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Southern Charm Recap: Kat’s Got Your Tongue

Southern Charm Recap Kat's Got Your Tongue - Kathryn and Thomas Dinner

On this episode of Southern Charm, we all watched Kathryn blossom into a woman right before our eyes. The Kat who yelled and threw a tantrum to get what she wanted is no more. This new Kat has learned how to handle the men in her life, most notably the one who matters the most, by using a charm offensive. Bravo, and here’s to hoping Kat 3.0 is here to stay. Read more

Vanderpump Rules Reunion Part II Recap: Feminism?

Vanderpump Rules reunion part 2 James Kennedy Lisa Vanderpump and Lala Kent

Part 2 of the Vanderpump Rules reunion…a lot of name calling, a lot of pointing fingers, and a lot of “adults” behaving like children. Nothing new here…

Reunion round II opens up just where we left off: Jax hollering at Scheana because she didn’t call him when his father died (and texts don’t count). It’s very dramatic- Scheana storms off, Ariana follows, Jax loses his mind. While Scheana is off stage, Jax starts making low blows to Scheana like, “You can’t even keep a boyfriend.” Uh, Jax. I’m sorry. Scheana’s relationship is not the focal point of this conversation. Scheana reenters after her lashes get glued back in place and states she is not alright, “but I’m a professional.” Dying. Read more

Southern Charm Recap: Exes on the Half Shell

Southern Charm Recap Exes on the Half Shell - Kathryn Thomas and Ashley

Let’s see what these “thirsty b*tches” are up to this episode of Southern Charm

While Cameran discusses her “stubborn cervix” with her “desensitized” doctor husband, Jason, Kathryn calls for potential employment at Gwynn’s, a clothing store. Kathryn realizes that, hot damn, she has been unemployed for quite some time now and therefore decides to hit up a store she likes to shop in for a job. The owner of Gwynn’s gives a rather hesitant response, but agrees to “talk” to Kathryn. Big win! Read more

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion Part 3 Recap: So Long

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion Part 3 Recap

This is it. The third and final part of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion.

Last week left off with Dorit questioning LVP’s intentions with the Beverly Hills Lifestyle Magazine photo shoot. LVP had asked Dorit to be the model, but Dorit threw a fit about the photos and thus the issues between these two emerge yet again. Dorit demands to know if LVP was trying to “punish her” by cutting off her head in every photo. Erika (and everyone else for that matter) thinks that it was a huge F U to Dorit and even Kyle jumps on the “chopped Dorit’s head off” bandwagon. Read more

Vanderpump Rules Reunion Part 1 Recap: The New Jax Looks Exactly Like the Old Jax

Vanderpump Rules season 6 reunion Jax Brittany and Scheana

We all know there is certainly enough drama for a three part reunion of Vanderpump Rules…the question is, how long will it be before Scheana mentions Rob???…In the words of LVP, “Let the games start!”

Andy Cohen wastes no time and begins catching up with the crew. “It seems like with this group, things are always changing.” Andy goes around asking each cast member about his or her relationship status and when he gets to James, he lets it rip. “James, are you still with Logan?” YAS. Read more