RHODubai Recap: Stanbury Uninvites Brooks to Party for Calling Her ‘C-Word’ and Undergoes Hypnotherapy to Confront Her Past, Plus Her Daughter Yasmin Shades Sergio as “Clingy,” and Taleen Sets Sara Up on a Date

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RHODubai Recap: Stanbury Uninvites Brooks to Party for Calling Her a C**t and Undergoes Hypnotherapy to Confront Her Past, Plus Her Daughter Yasmin Shades Sergio as “Clingy,” and Taleen Sets Sara Up on a Date

On this episode of the Real Housewives of Dubai, Stanbury and Sergio are finally ready to move into their new home. A party is thrown to celebrate this occasion, but Sergio is feeling upset after Stanbury’s hypnotherapy session. Taleen‘s matchmaking efforts fall short, and so does any chance of trying to figure out what went wrong with the Carolines. When Stanbury and Brooks sit down to hash it out, it’s unclear where their friendship stands…

It appears as though Stanbury and Sergio have overstayed their welcome at her friend Michael’s house. They’ve moved into Michael’s place while their new house got built, but what was supposed to be a few weeks has turned into… too long. FINALLY, Sergio and Stanbury should be in their new place by the end of next week, and so naturally, Michael is throwing them a GTFO party to celebrate the momentous occasion of getting his house back completely.

Stanbury chats a bit with Sergio amidst the mess of their quarters. She states that the Brooks situation is absolutely confusing, and she muses, “I don’t know what she’s [Brooks] on… what she’s drinking,” but something is causing this change in behavior.

On a different note, Stanbury is trying out hypnotherapy since she is not a huge fan of traditional therapy. If this hypnotherapist is good enough for Princess Diana, Stanbury is willing to give her a shot. The major issue Stanbury wishes to address is her micromanaging Sergio. We learn that Stanbury went to boarding school from the ages of six to 18 and she has become a control freak from it. It seems like she treats Sergio like her child because of how she was treated when she was younger. Through hypnotherapy, Stanbury learns about the damage the micromanaging may cause in her relationship, and she REALLY doesn’t want to become Sergio’s mother.

Sergio overhears some of the session and becomes upset. He doesn’t like that Stanbury is pulling back a bit and that he feels invisible in her eyes.

Brooks, Lesa, and Taleen meet for some drinks, and they discuss the party from the night before that Lesa missed since her mom is back in Dubai. Evidently, there was some heaving drinking done by Brooks, considering she doesn’t remember calling Stanbury a “c*nt.” Kudos to the Bravo cams for capturing the moment Brooks said that about Stanbury. Lesa wonders what we’re all thinking: What is going on with the Carolines? Brooks claims she chose to side with Taleen about the “whole cartwheel incident,” but Taleen is over it, so what’s her problem now?

It is clear that there is more going on and that Brooks is spiraling because “she cannot manipulate both sides anymore.” Brooks says she will talk to Stanbury after her going away party and clarifies that Stanbury is not a c*nt, but she is a b*tch.

The going away party (aka the Good Riddance party) for Sergio and Stanbury is underway. Sara enters with her friend Saba, the Sabotage, and Sergio holds it down with the guests while Stanbury gets ready. Sara pulls Sergio aside and he opens up to her about the hypnotherapist. He gets upset and feels like Stanbury doesn’t always see him and Sara promises to talk more about it later.

Ayan enters looking like a true disco ball, and Saba looks on in awe at this over-the-top look. Speaking of a look, Stanbury enters after much ado. Ayan tells Taleen it’s nice to talk to her without Brooks around and mentions that she needs earplugs when Brooks speaks. As Stanbury chats, she has a complete boob slip, which tickles Taleen, considering Stanbury was the one who went on and on about seeing Taleen’s vagina. A tit for a tit, if you will.

Brooks is not attending the party, as Stanbury uninvited her to the event. Stanbury justifies this by telling the group Brooks said she was a C U Next Tuesday. Stanbury CALLED Brooks to disinvite her a few hours before this “eviction party,” but Brooks claims that she doesn’t care. Taleen is aghast, as are the rest of the women. Sara reminds Stanbury it’s not that deep and that Brooks was drunk, but Stanbury is not hearing it. The girls are baffled by what went wrong with the Carolines.

Lesa enters and lets them all know that Brooks is the common denominator of the drama and that she doesn’t take any accountability. In the meantime, Stanbury’s daughter tells Sergio he is clingy and that he follows Stanbury around “like a lost puppy,” which is not helping how Sergio is currently feeling… Michael toasts kicking Sergio and Stanbury out of his house, Sergio gets pushed into the pool, and the party is a hit.

Later, Sara is prepping for the upcoming double date set up by Taleen. She refuses to call it a date, but she goes on to tell her son about the situation. As he gets massaged, he reminds his mother that too many men have been bad to her, so now he’s a bit overprotective.

Lesa and her mother are out shopping and bonding in Old Dubai. They sit down for lunch and talk about the Caroline beef, and then the topic changes to the big move to Dubai. Her mother wonders when Lesa will “come home,” but Lesa reminds her mom that she could retire. It’s hard since her mom worked so hard to become financially independent after her husband led a double life, and since her mother worries that they are drifting apart, she will consider the big move.

Taleen is amped for the double date and blames her Armenian background for wanting to set Sara up so badly. The date is not going great… He doesn’t believe in aliens, dating a woman with kids is iffy, and he is a Libra. No, no, no. Not quite her type. Thank you, next.

Stanbury goes to meet Brooks… but Brooks is late. Clearly, she is trying to make a point. After waiting for 26 minutes, Brooks enters. Stanbury points out that she is late, and Brooks of course blames it on her new business. Stanbury reminds her that we all have stuff going on. There’s some awkwardness, and then they get right into talking about their unresolved issues.

Brooks claims that the comments Stanbury made about Taleen triggered her and that Stanbury made it seem way worse than it was. Stanbury thinks Brooks is jealous about her new friend relationships, and now she doesn’t need to be saved by her. Brooks talks about how she stopped her friendship with Ayan and Lesa because Stanbury was upset with them, but now Stanbury is friends with them. Seems like a pretty typical jealousy situation. According to Stanbury, Brooks is not taking accountability for her behavior, and Brooks claims that Stanbury is “from the farms of England. You are not Princess Diana. Humble yourself.” They agree that they both have stuff they need to work on, but this relationship is still fragile.

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