RHONJ Recap: Danielle Hits Jennifer With a Glass Drink After Jennifer Pushes Her Amid Argument at Teresa’s Party, Dolores Asks for Friendship Break From Jackie and Margaret Reveals Joe’s Health Scare

by Julia Comments

RHONJ Recap: Danielle and Jennifer Brawl During Argument at Teresa’s Party, Dolores Asks for Friendship Break From Jackie and Margaret Reveals Joe’s Health Scare

The three-ring circus continues on this episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Jackie is furious with Margaret… but is she mad enough to spill Marge’s secrets to her new bestie, Teresa? Dolores is still fuming that Jackie called her a slob, and Danielle is confused as to why Jennifer appears to be coming for her. All it takes is a Tipsy in Tulum party to push the once-friends into enemy territory. Pushing, name-calling, the whole thing… it almost feels like old RHONJ… almost.

Teresa meets up with Jen Aydin and Dolores for some healing, a go-to Housewives’ activity. Lord knows this group needs all the help they can get considering the recent energy within the group. Teresa tells the associate how she is planning her Tipsy in Tulum party and tries to shake her down for the Buddha statue (that is very clearly not for sale). Teresa goes on to tell Jen and Dolo the only rule for her upcoming party is to “wear as little clothes as possible.”

Envy has now doubled in size and the store is thriving. Because Melissa is ready to focus back on business, she is prepping for a fashion show. Danielle gets invited to see what Melissa’s fashion show prep is like and to also talk about the party from the night before.

In the meantime, Dolores, Jen, and Tre start “healing,” although Dolores ain’t buying it. She has too much on her mind — like opening the business with Paul. THIS is the commitment Paul is willing to make toward Dolores, and she continues to claim an engagement “isn’t the biggest thing” in her life now.

The ladies fill Tre in on what went down at Melissa’s housewarming. Jen tells Teresa that Joe threw the card from her in the fire, and Teresa isn’t even surprised to hear this. Of course, the gift was Louie’s idea, according to Teresa, as he thought it would be a nice gesture.

When it comes to the Fudas, Teresa is livid to hear that John brought up the whole Gia thing again, as that was a thing of the past, and she is no longer angry at Jackie (in fact, she is using Jackie now in her game). Teresa is NOT happy. Speaking of not happy, Jen Aydin is not happy with Danielle, and vice versa. Jen said that Danielle stepped on people to get ahead, and Jennifer believes that Danielle needs to learn how to be grateful for what she has. It all boils down to the fact that Jen just doesn’t like Danielle.

In regard to Jackie, Melissa is confused by her. One minute, she’s talking smack on Tre, the next minute, she’s no longer friends with Margaret. The party truly was a three-ring circus. Even though Jackie is cozying up to Teresa, she is on Dolores’ sh*t list now that she learned Jackie called her a slob in a text to Marge. However, Dolores realizes that Teresa needs Jackie right now because she wants to expose Margaret for who she is (whatever that means). Teresa goes on to say that Margaret is the root of all evil and that Jackie is the gatekeeper to all of Margaret’s secrets. Teresa is hoping that Jackie sings like a canary, hence the new friendship.

Margaret has really stepped into Rachel‘s life ever since her relationship with Fessler changed. Marge comes bearing gifts for Rachel’s kids, and we learn that Rachel’s daughter just had her lip and tongue tie surgery. Rachel talks about the stress of this surgery, and on top of that, her health is bad. On the topic of health, Joe’s bloodwork came back elevated, so he went back in for more testing with results to follow later.

The whole Jackie of it comes up, and Margaret refers to Jackie as a psycho. She tries to claim she sent Dolores *the* text because she was defending herself, and she ponders if she should have screenshotted all that Jackie has said for the past six years to expose her further.

Dolores and Paul are on a health kick, trying to keep their physiques in tip-top shape, without surgery, since Paul is so against it for Dolores. Dolores feels like since they switched up their fitness routine, she has been calmer… well until she spoke to Jackie. She is starting to see the pieces of the puzzle come together, and she can see that Jackie is a “nuclear bomb” since Teresa and Jen are gonna “squeeze” info out of Jackie, damaging a lot along the way.

Jen is questioning how zen this Tulum party will be, considering all of the recent drama amongst the group. Danielle is onto how Teresa is using Jackie, and she is also disappointed in Jen’s behavior. According to Jen, things have been festering with her and Danielle, and she keeps getting disappointed in Danielle’s character.  The last time I checked, Jen is not Mother Teresa, but here she is judging Danielle’s every move, calling her tacky and selfish.

This party simply cannot go off without a hitch. I mean, in one corner we have Jackie attending after she called Dolores a slob (and has yet to apologize). In another corner, Jen is questioning things about Danielle. And then we have Teresa, who really wants everyone to know that Margaret is evil. This will be fiiiiiine.

LOL that the Buddha from Healing Place wound up at Tre’s house. Dolores is not looking forward to seeing Jackie since she feels like Jackie acts like an “elitist.” Things are awkward since Jackie has yet to reach out to Dolores, and so Dolores is just watching Jackie destroy herself. Fessler excuses herself when Jackie, Teresa, and Jen start bashing Margaret because she is, after all, Margaret’s friend. Teresa is practically BEGGING Jackie to spill all the dirty tea about Marge.

Jackie FINALLY comes to talk to Dolores, and she tries to get herself out of the slob situation by spinning it back on Margaret. Jackie is upset because she is unsure how to forgive Margaret for doing that, but that’s not really a Dolores problem. Dolores says that sometimes friendships need a break, and so does theirs.

The night wears on, and the fire dancers come. Danielle checks in with Teresa to make sure they are okay, and Teresa admits that she feels like Margaret and Melissa are in her head. While on the topic of friendship, Danielle talks about how Jen said some mean things about her, especially with the whole charity event thing.

Magically, Jen appears, and she makes it known that she is p*ssed cause they showed up for Danielle’s charity event, and the least Danielle could have done was to put their names on the step and repeat. Aydin Plastic Surgery did nothing for the event, but Jen believes that showing up was enough to be paid back by promoting her business. Danielle is so confused over what triggered Jen so much, but Jen goes on to say there is something else driving this beef.

Apparently, the girl who does Danielle’s hair reached out to Jen to be a model for a master class. Danielle called Jen to clarify what was actually happening: Jen would be a model on the hairdresser’s website and she would not be paid for it. Danielle didn’t want Jen to get caught up promoting someone else when she had her own hairdresser.  Jen took these words and twisted them, claiming that Danielle “dogged” her hairdresser by getting her off the job.

Danielle cannot believe that Jen would switch an innocent conversation into something so malicious. Danielle tells Jen, “You’re dirty. Everybody was right about you,” and then the pushing starts after they call each other dirtbags. Note: Jen pushed first. Danielle retaliates by hitting Jen with a glass and drink.

A full-blown fight starts to take off, and Nate jumps in to remind Jen that they used to be friends. As she storms out of Teresa’s, Danielle tells Bill, “Your wife’s a b*tch. You’re sleeping with the devil,” as Jen continues to claim Danielle “dogged her hair girl.” Danielle now realizes who Jen is, and Jen blames Danielle coming into her personal space. She calls it an act of aggression. Danielle believes that Jen is just jealous of all that she has in her marriage, etc. Jen pretends to be okay, but you know she is shook. This is not going to end well.

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