90 Day Fiance Recap: For the Love of Colt

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90 Day Fiance Recap For the love of Colt

So as it turns out, life isn’t perfect when you have only 90 days to make a relationship work. This is evident on the latest episode of 90 Day Fiancé.

Ashley & Jay:

90 Day Fiance Recap Rough Landings Ashley and Jay

Ashley is in Jamaica as a support system for the big K1 meeting and the lovebirds are over the MOON, as Jay’s K1 Visa has finally been approved. Ashley suggests that Jay call his dad to say goodbye. She refers to him as “your crazy dad” and I now know why. “Jay’s dad is a ladies’ man” who is known as “skinz” on the streetz. I cannot make this up. “He got a lot of girls” and Jay “respects that.” Jay explains that he is going to miss all of his family members, and if by family members he means all of his ladies, then that makes way more sense.Today’s the day Jay is leaving Jamaica for good and heading America-bound. After an emotional farewell, Ashley and Jay head home to Maryland.

The couple land safely and Jay explains that he “feels lifted” and ready for the next chapter. Jay has a lot to get used to, starting with the cold weather. Ashley calls him “dramatic” and worries about him acclimating to America due to the “cultural differences.” I can tell she is starting to get nervous about Jay moving to a mainly white suburban area, but Jay is blind to this. He gets introduced to her house and he loves it, especially her “cushiony” carpet. Well he’s certainly easy to please…

Steven & Olga:

90 Day Fiance Recap Rough Landings Steven and Olga

Steven is en route to Russia. He is heading a whole 4,000 miles away for the birth of his kid. He had hooked up with Olga over the summer and was surprised to find out that after a few months of unprotected sex, Olga got pregnant. Steven is experiencing serious culture shock once he lands in Russia and he is left fending for himself. Because Olga is 9 months pregnant, there ain’t no way she is trekking to the airport to pick up this guy. Steven is forced to find his way to Olga’s town in a foreign country. After a 7 hour train ride, Steven is finally reunited with Olga. Olga is emotional and full of hugs for Steven. She explains that she is having “too much emotions and she can’t breathe.” That’s slightly concerning. “It feels a little weird because we dating two months and then it’s like bun bun!” I think she’s referring to the pregnancy. She’s happy to have Steven because they share the same “hard childhood” background and Olga shares, “I want to leave my past in the past.”

The couple piles into a cab and make their way to Olga’s apartment. Steven shares that he “didn’t really see a future with Olga until after she was pregnant,” but he is hopeful their relationship will thrive. Promising. Olga gives Steven a tour of her teeny-tiny apartment and she is very clearly concerned about living with another person since she is used to being alone. Steven begins unpacking his goodies for the baby and Olga is disappointed in Steven’s haul. With only 9 days before the baby comes, they are trying to work out the kinks, including Steven being allowed in the hospital for the birth. Steven is beyond overwhelmed upon hearing that the baby could come at any moment. Perhaps this is something he should have been preparing for during the 8 month build up?!?!

The next day, Olga suggests they make a list for the baby and they go “to the shopping store.” Steven is freaking out about not having enough money and it seems as though Olga has a knack for picking out the expensive things. This is like a Teen Mom/ 90 Day Fiancé mash up and it’s cringe worthy watching these two navigate the whole parenthood thing. Do they not throw baby showers in Russia? It’s a concept that would have saved Steven lotsa money… Also, did anyone else notice that Olga said “my” baby? Interesting…

Eric & Leida:

90 Day Fiance Recap Rough Landings Leida

With only 87 days to wed, Eric is hosting his fiancé Leida, her son, AND her sister in Philadelphia. The curious thing is that Eric is not from Philadelphia…he is from Wisconsin. But because Leida’s parents are flying out to meet Eric, he has decided to stick close by to major cities. Leida’s sister, Reina, is starting to realize that Eric is not this rich American guy and she knows that Leida’s life is not gonna be as perfect as it was back home.
As Reina and Leida talk while Eric takes the kid for a cheese steak, Leida makes it clear that she is unhappy about Eric’s child support responsibility.“Why is that even necessary?” Well, because, Leida, that’s how Eric is able to maintain a relationship with his children. This does not look good for Eric. Despite Reina’s concern, Leida is not ready to back down from her “plan A.”

The day is here! Leida’s mom, dad, and brother are arriving in America to meet Eric. Leida explains that her parents are “not happy” about her moving to America, so the stakes are high for Eric and his “lower lifestyle.” Eric is super nervous to have the in-laws come and that is evident from his awkward greeting with them at the airport. I find it so bizarre that Leida is coming to America, considering her wealthy lifestyle in Indonesia.

Colt & Larissa:

90 Day Fiance Recap Rough Landings Colt mom and Larissa

Larissa has only been in Las Vegas for three hours and she literally has not stopped complaining.” WOW. Seems like this is going well. Colt further states, “I think Larissa and I will have some small hurdles to overcome initially.” Small?! Colt– you have no AC, you live with your mother, and you treat your cats like humans! Larissa shares that she “got worried” when she found out Colt lived with his mother, but really, Larissa has no idea what she is getting herself into. Upon meeting Colt’s mom, Debbie, Larissa states that she was a little disappointed in Vegas. Colt’s mother has a legit meltdown claiming she’s “so happy for you guys,” but really, I think she is crying because she is terrified of losing her BFF son. Larissa is driving a wedge between them. I mean, according Larissa, the house is small, there is no furniture, and “it’s ugly decoration.” She suggests they move to a new house with a “pool.” You know, “more biggie.” Colt’s mom is less than pleased with her reaction and Colt is starting to get snarky.

Debbie has made beef stew to celebrate Larissa’s arrival and Larissa states “when I’m hungry, I will eat.” Poor Debbie. She’s devastated Larissa hates the slot machine and Colt is disappointed in the “initial encounter” between Larissa and his mother. Debbie states, “I expected Larissa to be this sweet wonderful person and she is not at all what I expected.” She is annoyed Larissa did not want any of her beef stew, therefore, Colt felt it necessary to house down a few bowls of his momma’s stew. Larissa explains, “It’s not good for a relationship always living under mommy’s skirt.”

Meanwhile, Debbie is beside herself. “I just wouldn’t walk into a place and condemn it from the beginning.” Colt is trying to balance his mother and his lady and it seems like Colt is going to be stuck in the middle during this battle more often than not. “Yesterday was literally a disaster. Nothing went right with Larissa.” Colt is hoping for a better day with Larissa, however, things aren’t looking great. Larissa doesn’t like Colt’s fat cat and she is not a “good cooker.” That doesn’t stop her from trying to make breakfast for Colt. Colt is secretly freaking out that Larissa is making breakfast, since that is usually his mother’s job. Larissa invites Debbie to the breakfast table and Debbie takes the high road. She chows down on Larissa’s creation while Larissa learns about Colt’s eating habits. Larissa explains that she wants to make “some changes around here” and is worried about Colt’s healthy habits. She has her work cut out for her.

Jonathan & Fernanda:

90 Day Fiance Recap Rough Landings Fernanda and Danielle

Poor Fernanda is feeling alone because she cannot work while here on the K1 Visa. She is forced to sit home while Jonathan is at work and misses her family and friends, especially because Jonathan’s “friends are not that fun like mines.” Bored to tears, Fernanda has decided to head out with Jonathan’s bff, Dani. Dani is super protective of Jonathan and makes no qualms about it. She tells Fernanda that she wasn’t even sure Jonathan wanted to get married and overshares about Jonathan’s prior relationships. Fernanda asks to know and that puts everyone in a very awkward situation. Starting to feel a bit more comfortable, Fernanda fills Dani in on her finding a thong at Jonathan’s house. Dani does her best to hide her surprise and uses the same line Jonathan did. “He didn’t clean out” before he moved and Fernanda gets super emotional, claiming she feels “stupid.” Dani tries to make Fernanda feel better and states, “I don’t think you have anything to worry about.” Phew.

Later, Fernanda and Jonathan begin unpacking and start making their house a home. The couple joke around and have a good time, but that doesn’t help Fernanda feel any less homesick. Upon Face-timing with her family, Fernanda catches up with her mom, brother, and sister. She explains that she misses her little brother the most because they are besties. It’s hard to not have them around and it’s even harder to talk about the upcoming wedding. Her family cannot attend because they cannot get visas. Fernanda becomes emotional and tries to hold it together, but I cannot imagine what she is going through. Jonathan feels like their “relationship is on the line” because of this familial issue, so he plans on doing whatever it takes to make her feel like she’s in “good hands.”

Kalani & Asuelo:

90 Day Fiance Recap Rough Landings Kalani and Asuelu

Asuelu is here in the states and Kalani is hopeful that her family grows to like him. Asuelu is trying his best, despite the culture shock. “In Samoa, the moms taking care of the kids. So, I am very surprised to be changing his diaper.” Asuelu explains that the baby is being “cranky” to him, so it’s a good thing Kalani’s mom steps in to help, as she has done since Kalani had Oliver. I love how Asuelu is shirtless and not one ounce ashamed when Kalani’s mom enters. Talk about zero self awareness. With the baby off with her mother, Kalani decides to take Asuelu to the beach. Asuelu shares “there are lots of white people and it’s crowded. Also the sea is very cold.” Great observations, Asuelu. Kalani forces a convo about tonight’s upcoming family dinner and Asuelu states that he is very nervous. I mean, I would be, too, if I had to meet Kalani’s “scary, intimidating dad.” Asuelu further says that he wants to have a conversation with Kalani’s dad and I have to applaud him for trying, especially after basically hearing that all of Kalani’s family hates the guy. He even gets emotional and explains that if they don’t like him, he will “go back to Samoa.”

90 Day Fiance Recap Rough Landings Kalani Family Sister Mom and Dad

Kalani needs a new storyline. This whole “my family hates you” thing is getting old fast, especially since Asuelo is doing the best he can to make up for lost time. Kalani keeps saying “there’s so much at stake,” but the reality is that most of the problems stem from her lies. Way to go! Eventually, Kolini and Kalani’s dad, Low, arrive for the family dinner. There’s an awkward exchange and some stiff hugs before they all plop down for the meal. Asuelo does his best to strike up a conversation with Kalani’s dad, but he isn’t making it easy. Asuelo apologizes for not coming straight to Kalani’s parents upon impregnating their daughter. Kalani’s dad takes it in and then states, “Rule number one. You don’t disrespect my daughter.” Things get tense as Kalani’s dad asks Asuelu about his plan. Asuelu shares that he is a construction worker and that seems to make papa Kalani happy. Asuelu explains “if I didn’t love” Kalani, then he wouldn’t come. He wants to make a family and get married to make a better life than he had in Samoa. I kinda wanna yank Kalani’s dad’s beard braid and tell him to lighten up a bit.

As this is going on, Kalani’s sister sits at the table with the world’s worst RBF. She is not happy with Asuelu. “For the first five months of Oliver’s life, I was like his dad.” Well, you’re not, sister. It’s time for her to back up a bit and allow Asuelu to step into his role. Lini feels “tortured” watching this unfold and has a hard time approving this relationship…