Judge Issues Strict Rules for Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel in Custody Case, Awards Temporary Joint Custody to Southern Charm Stars

by Alyson Shepard Comments

Judge Makes Ruling in Southern Charm Stars Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel's Ongoing Custody Case

Weeks after former Southern Charm star Thomas Ravenel asked a judge to strip his ex-girlfriend Kathryn Dennis of her custodial rights to their two kids, after she tested positive for marijuana during a drug test, a South Carolina judge has made a temporary ruling.

In response to Thomas’s emergency filing, following the failed drug test last month, the Bravo stars met in front of a judge this week to determine the custody arrangement for their two children, Kensington Ravenel, 5, and Saint Julien Ravenel, 3.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, the judge granted temporary joint custody of the two young children to their reality star parents, with Thomas being named primary legal custodian. The judge also ordered the reality stars “to work together on health issues, education, and other important decisions.”

Kathryn and Thomas will also be required to attend at least three co-parenting sessions with a counselor. The red-headed reality star also agreed to take part in cognitive behavior therapy and will be allowed to have unsupervised time with her kids. 

The judge ordered that neither Kathryn nor Thomas could consume alcohol or abuse prescription drugs in the presence of their children. They were also prohibited from using illegal drugs with “any individual with whom he/she is romantically involved, or allow them to stay on an overnight basis when they have custody of the children,” according to court documents.

Additionally, they were told they could not speak negatively about one another in front of their kids or on social media and must refrain from using violent or profane language when with them. The judge added that neither Kathryn nor Thomas could allow their children to refer to anyone else as “mother” or “father.”

And given the former couple’s past allegations regarding drug and alcohol abuse, the judge granted the reality stars permission to request drug testing from one another while they have custody of the kids. 

This settlement in court comes after a tumultuous custody battle between the Southern Charm stars that spans back years. Most recently, Kathryn had custody of her children taken away from her after failing a drug test at the request of her ex. She later blamed the use of CBD oil as the cause for the positive result and highlighted the fact that her hair strand test came back negative.

This ruling is only temporary as a judge is expected to make a permanent decision on custody and support at a future hearing. For the time being, Thomas and Kathryn do not have to pay each other any child support.

Photo Credit: Bravo TV