PHOTOS: See My 600 Lb Life Star Gina Krasley’s Weight Loss Photos Update!

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PHOTOS: See My 600 Lb Life Star Gina Krasley’s Weight Loss Photos Update!

In the fifth episode of this season of My 600-Lb Life, we meet Gina Krasley who lives with her wife Beth Krasley under her mother’s roof and desperately needs to lose weight to save her life.

At the beginning of her weight loss journey, Gina, a 28-year-old from Tuckerton, New Jersey, weighed just over 600 pounds and lived in her mother’s home along with her wife, sister, and her sister’s fiancé. Due to the enormous weight she carries, she’s forced to sit on her couch all day long and can only bathe herself once a month, a task she dreads having to do.

On the show, Gina explains that her family has grown very frustrated with her since they have to do so much to take care of her. Gina’s wife, Beth, also expresses how unhappy she is with Gina’s weight. And while she’s willing to care for Gina because she loves her so much, she admits it isn’t the kind of marriage she wants. She can’t help but feel angry that Gina let her weight get this out of control.

My 600 Lb Life Gina and Beth Krasley

My 600 Lb Life stars Gina and Beth Krasley

Gina explains on the show that her childhood wasn’t an easy one due to the fact she was bullied a lot in school for being overweight and because her father would often employ harsh punishments on her, which included physical abuse like hair-pulling and choking. And even though she told her mother about her father’s behavior, she did nothing to stop it.

To get away from her abusive father, Gina and her sister would often escape the house to go to fast-food restaurants. By the time she was 14, she already weighed 300 pounds. After high school, Gina continued to overeat and gained another 200 pounds. Eventually, she moved in with her mother and met the love of her life, Beth, who she married in 2016. But since they’ve gotten married, they haven’t been intimate and Beth has gotten in the habit of putting her down because of her weight.

Having hit rock bottom, Gina travels all the way to Houston, TX to visit Dr. Younan Nowzaradan in an attempt to get the weight loss surgery she needs. However, after several attempts at losing the initial amount of weight required to be approved for the procedure, Gina fails to satisfy Dr. Now’s requirements and weighs in at 556 pounds — that’s just about ten pounds down from where she started 12 months before. The surgeon then gives Gina one last chance to get the surgery and tells her she has three months to lose 75 pounds. If she can’t do that, then he won’t continue to work with her.

So, did Gina ever manage to lose the weight and get the surgery? Keep scrolling to see some updated photos of the TLC star!

While it’s unclear how much weight she’s lost since taping the show, Gina has appeared to shed some pounds based on her appearance in some of her recent pictures. We also know that Gina’s wife Beth is supportive of her current health journey as she continues to try to lose weight.

“I’m so very proud of my wife, she’s doing this!!!!” Gina’s wife wrote on Twitter back in May 2019. “And she’s not letting anyone get her down!!! I just love you so much baby. Good job and keep up the hard work!❤️”

Gina doesn’t shy away from posting selfies online, both on Facebook and Instagram. However, most of them don’t show much below her chest. Even so, you can kind of see a more defined jaw, which signifies some possible weight loss. Immediately following the episode, Gina shared this before and after below showing some weight loss.

‘Thank you ALL so much for all the support and positive vibes!!!! I appreciate it so much ???????????? NOTHING IN LIFE IS EASY! You got to always take it #minutebyminute ???????? ???????? Soooo with that being said here is a face to face of me from where I was (in grey) to where I am now (pink)… NeverGiveUp,” wrote Gina on January 29, 2020.

My 600 Lb Life Gina Before and After Photos Weight Loss Update

A before and after picture of My 600 Lb Life star Gina showing off her weight loss

Below are some of My 600-Lb Life’s Gina’s weight loss photos from August 2019.

TLC My 600 Pound Life Gina Krasley Update After Photos

TLC’s My 600 Pound Life star Gina Krasley showing off some of her weight loss

My 600 LB Life Gina Krasley Update Weight Loss Picture

A photo My 600 Pound Life star Gina Krasley update photos from August 2019

“Blue eyes baby ????,” the TLC star wrote back in August of last year alongside a selfie that she appears to have lost a little weight in.

Gina Krasley Weight Loss Update Photos

Gina is also active on YouTube and has her own channel called Just Gina MK. In her videos, she talks about staying motivated to live a happy, healthy life, and she even completes exercise challenges in them.

A screenshot of My 600-Lb Life star Gina Krasley dancing during the “Git Up Challenge” on her YouTube page.

New episodes of My 600-Lb Life air on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on TLC.