Danielle Staub’s Former Publicist Defends Andy Cohen Against Her “Disgraceful” Claims, Says Danielle Was “Given a Fair Platform” on RHONJ

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Danielle Staub’s Former Publicist Defends Andy Cohen Against Her "Disgraceful" Claims, Says Danielle Was "Given a Fair Platform" on RHONJ

Danielle Staub spoke out recently about her time on The Real Housewives of New Jersey and some allegedly not-so-great experiences with Andy Cohen. Now, her former publicist is denying those claims.

The former reality star revealed on her podcast last week that she had a few disconcerting experiences with Andy. She accused him of sabotaging her book’s (memoir The Naked Truth) success and further jeopardizing other career opportunities down the line, including a stint on Celebrity Apprentice.

“Andy, Bravo, all of ’em, whoever made the deal to launch [Teresa Giudices‘] book the day after mine … taking my book down because Bravo’s pushing her book so hard mine disappeared!” Danielle said on her Absolutely Danielle podcast on August 26. “I had no idea [she was getting a book deal]. How can I know she would get a book deal when she can’t form a sentence? There’s just no way that I would ever think she’d be a published author.”

Danielle also noted how Andy’s alleged false reporting of her being “fired” from the RHONJ lead to the cancellation of “eight contracts.” She also insinuated that Andy used her for a friendship with Kelly Ripa and her husband Mark Consuelos, and she revealed some problematic details about his alleged party habits.

Now, Danielle’s former publicist from 2018-2019, Steve Honig, is speaking out about those claims, mostly to dispel them and defend Andy against the remarks.

“[Watch What Happens Live] and Andy were always respectful and professional toward Danielle and constantly went above-and-beyond to accommodate her needs and give her a voice,” Steve told The Blast on August 28. “She was always shown empathy and understanding and given a fair platform on which to express herself. I find her comments to be untrue and, quite frankly, disgraceful.”

In addition to her podcast comments, Danielle shared a post to her Instagram ahead of the episode and wrote a lengthy caption about her alleged mistreatment from Andy.

“I am no longer forced to walk into the Lions Den! Andy kept me In the dark long enough! He has taken whats mine and given it to others!” Danielle captioned her post. “Now that you are a parent I’d hoped you would see some of the pain you caused my family, even when I left the show to protect my young children, you mocked me repeatedly defaming me and yet I still continued to give you over a decade to do right by me and mine! Now it’s time you understand that ‘for every action there is a reaction.'”

See her full post here:

Andy has not yet made any comment about the accusations.

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