‘RHOC’ Dr. Jen Armstrong Sued Over Non-Invasive Procedure as Woman Alleges Face Was “Disfigured”

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REPORT: RHOC Newbie Dr. Jen Armstrong Sued for Medical Malpractice After Woman Accuses Her of “Negligent” Practices that Left Her With a “Disfigured” FaceIt looks like there’s more legal trouble brewing in The O.C., and this time it’s not between RHOC’s the Dubrows and Nicole James.

The Real Housewives of Orange County newcomer Dr. Jen Armstrong has been sued for medical malpractice after a woman has come forward claiming a cosmetic procedure left her with a “disfigured face” resulting from a “botched job.”

According to the lawsuit and court documents obtained by The Sun, a woman named Judy Hecht says she went to Jen’s medical practice in October 2019 to receive a non-invasive procedure meant to tighten and firm the skin around the face and reduce wrinkles.

A few days after the procedure, Judy needed to revisit Dr. Jen for a follow-up appointment that included another $2,500 in corrective injections to the cheek and eye area.

Here’s where things get dicey. According to court documents, the “need to administer new or additional fillers was not known” to Judy. She says she actually “expected” Dr. Jen to have informed her if such “things” (side effects, etc.) were to happen.

The lawsuit continues by alleging that the need for a follow-up procedure was because Dr. Jen was “negligent” and inserted the fillers in “the wrong location.”

“This round of fillers were placed too high in the area where [Judy’s] skin curved around her eyes and in addition [Dr. Jen] used a different filler rather than what was originally used,” the court papers said. The fillers “caused lumps on or around [Judy’s] facial area.”

Judy alleged that she revisited Dr. Jen numerous times at her Advanced Skincare practice, but she was met with worse and worse results after each subsequent visit. She says she was told by Dr. Jen that she was experiencing “normal side effects that would go away with time and further treatment.”

Eventually, Judy claims she was left with a “permanently looking disfigured face.”

The court docs claim, “As a result of the foregoing, [Judy] was rendered injured and disfigured, suffered multiple injuries, pain and mental anguish, was compelled to seek medical care, incurred expenses, and was permanently injured and disabled.”

After suffering more mishaps and side effects, Judy sent an email to Dr. Jen’s office demanding $15,000 in refunds for all the follow-up procedures.

She heard nothing back from Advanced Skincare, and she claims she “never received anything.”

So, what does the good doctor have to say? Apparently, nothing yet. So far, Dr. Jen has kept mum on the still ongoing case and has declined to comment on any of the allegations.

Dr. Jen just joined the RHOC cast this year as a full-time Housewife. The Real Housewife of Orange County’s new season is currently airing Wednesday nights at 9 p.m. EST on Bravo.