Kanye West Goes Off, Claims He Was Accused of Putting a “Hit” on Kim Kardashian, Says a Father “Should Never Have to Beg For the Location” of His Children Amid Family Drama

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Kanye West Refutes Claim He Put a “Hit” on Kim Kardashian, Says a Father “Should Never Have to Beg For the Location” of His Children Amid Family Drama

The Kanye West and Kim Kardashian divorce drama is the gift no one wanted to keep giving.

In new posts and screenshots, Kanye is expressing and demanding that he is no longer “playing” with his children in the media and confronting damaging and disturbing rumors that Kim accused him of putting out a “hit” on her.

In these explosive screenshots obtained by The Shade Room, Kanye said, “Yesterday Kim accused me of putting a hit out on her. So let me get this straight. I beg to go to my daughter’s party, and I’m accused of being on drugs. Then, I go to play with my son, and I take my Akira graphic novels and I’m accused of stealing. Now I’m being accused of putting a hit on her.”

Kanye goes on to plead that these kinds of accusations are serious and dangerous to Black men.

“These ideas can actually get someone locked up. They play like that with Black men’s lives. Whether it’s getting them free or getting them locked up. I’m not playing about my black children anymore,” he said.

Kanye has also been very vocal in his opinions that he does not want his children being recorded on social media, specifically TikTok.

He has since released another post that includes a text message allegedly from one of Kim’s cousins, who seemingly agrees with Kanye.

The message reads, “Hi! How are you? Hope all is well with you the kids. I saw your post on Instagram about [Tik Tok] too and your daughter. I’m happy to share what I know about that since I’m a single mom and want to keep my kids off the internet. Call me or let me know if you want some information. Hope to see you all soon!”

Kanye screenshotted the message and followed it up with his own post slamming the alleged cousin for using him.

“This is an example of Kim’s cousin agreeing with me about Tik Tok. Then proceeding to ask me for Yeezy’s. Afterwards her other cousin, Kara called me saying she agreed with me then said she would speak out publicly which she never did…Then she suggested I take medication,” he said.

Kanye continued on by saying he’s doing this for all the single parents out there whose children are being raised “one-sided.”

“I do this for every parent on either side whose kid’s futures are being one-sidedly controlled. I don’t even have the right to get angry as a father without being called ‘erratic’. I gave that family the culture…I will take that culture back as a father should never have to beg for the location of their children.”

However, it looks like Kanye was able to spend some time with his children as a clip obtained by The Shade Room shows Kanye and his kids attending an event together.

Sending positive thoughts because something tells me this situation may become worse before it gets better.

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