Joe Gorga Reveals Melissa Gorga’s Storyline on RHONJ and Slams Lack of Storyline Claims, Explains Rosie’s Falling Out, and Shades Richie Wakile

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Joe Gorga Reveals Melissa Gorga's Storyline on RHONJ and Slams Lack of Storyline Claims, Explains Rosie's Falling Out, and Shades Richie Wakile

Before Joe Gorga reconciled with sister Teresa Giudice, the father-of-three had several interesting storylines on Real Housewives of New Jersey.

One of them was his relationship with Rosie Pierri (his cousin), and her brother-in-law Richie Wakile. These dynamics quickly ended, however, after he made up with Teresa – who wanted nothing to do with them.

“I can’t believe we are still there [on the show],” said Joe during an interview for the Side Piece with Melissa Pfeister podcast. “It’s 12 years later and we are still there and it’s not getting better. It’s actually getting a little worse now that the kids are involved. I get depressed, it’s sad. People say [my wife] Melissa doesn’t have a storyline? Thank god we don’t have a storyline.”

He seemed to allude to Teresa’s prison sentence, saying, “In this show, you have to have drama and problems, cheating, prison. We don’t want that, I would rather not have a storyline.”

The star also asked, “Why can’t we be normal? Don’t people want to see that? How to raise your kids the right way, how to love each other, how does a husband and wife respects each other. That’s beautiful and hard to see these days. That’s our storyline.”

Joe then opened up about Rosie, and provided details regarding their falling out.

“Rosie was awesome. When I used to get in trouble in grammar school, I’d be in the principal’s office, and they would say ‘we are calling your parents.’ I would say, ‘you can’t call my parents because they are in Italy, so you have to call my cousin.’ I lied. They would say [to Rosie], ‘You have to pick up Joe, he’s getting suspended.’ She would come pick me up. She always had my back when I was in trouble. She would always bail me out.”

“But then she changed,” claims Joe. “She got on the show with Richie, and that changed her. Richie held on to Rosie because that was the golden egg to stay on the show. He would say, ‘If you want Rosie, she’s coming with us if you don’t sign us.'”

Many viewers, however, felt Rosie was thrown under the bus, once Joe made up with Teresa.

One fan on Instagram seemed uninterested in Joe’s version of events. “Joe is doing too much with these interviews. First [he’s] talking about Teresa now Rosie. Like stop,” they wrote. “Call your family and discuss the issues privately. Never met a man that gossips like this about their own flesh and blood.”

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