‘RHOSLC’ Lisa Barlow Shares Cryptic Post About “Miserable F*ck” Costars as Heather Gay Reacts by Naming Names

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'RHOSLC' Lisa Barlow Shares Cryptic Post About “Miserable F*ck” as Heather Gay Reacts by Tagging Costars

Credit: Bravo

On the last season of Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, the group was plagued with shifting alliances. A longtime friendship between Lisa Barlow and Meredith Marks was virtually destroyed when Lisa called Meredith a “whore” on camera and claimed she slept with half of New York.

Lisa also witnessed the end of her friendship with Jen Shah, who felt Lisa abandoned her when Jen was criminally charged with fraud. Later on, Jen and Meredith — once enemies — decided to renew their friendship.

In a recent Instagram post, Lisa wrote a cryptic message, seemingly addressing someone in the cast.

“Stop being a miserable f*ck- it’s really not attractive,” she wrote, ending the post with a heart emoji.

A fan soon commented on the post, referencing her VIDA tequila company. “Lisa I can’t help it, my bank account isn’t at Vida levels yet.”

Lisa responded, “Omg. Hilarious. Money doesn’t buy happiness but tequila does.”

Then, castmate Heather Gay gave her own reaction to the post as she shared an image of Miss Piggy’s legs. Beneath the image, Heather wrote, “Miserable F*cks.”

She also tagged three of her castmates: Jen, Meredith, and Angie Harrington.

As of now, the meaning of Lisa’s post — and Heather’s response — is shrouded in mystery. Certain fans think the original target was Jen while others are less certain.

Surely the answers will be revealed in the upcoming season. Until that time, castmates cannot disclose spoilers. For this reason, the Bravo Universe is gifted with cryptic posts.