Below Deck Med’s Kyle Viljoen Reveals What Led to Fight With Natalya Scudder, His Hopes for Future Reconciliation as Natasha Reacts

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Below Deck Med’s Kyle Viljoen Reveals What Led to Fight With Natalya Scudder, His Hopes for Future Reconciliation as Natasha Reacts

Credit: Laurent Basset/Bravo

The latest episode of Below Deck Mediterranean saw stew Kyle Viljoen’s patience with fellow second stew Natalya Scudder finally wearing thin, and it all came to a boiling point, leading Kyle to lash out at Natalya in an explosive expletive-filled outburst.

During the October 10 episode, Kyle and Natalya got into a huge screaming match after Natalya called out Kyle’s lazy work ethic.

After Natalya scolded him for not cleaning a guest’s VIP room, Kyle screamed, “If you think you’re going to come for me like you come for everyone else, you are f**king mistaken. I will put you right in your place, trust me. I’m not going to eat your bulls–t like you can pick on everyone else…I’ll switch that b**ch off in two f**king seconds.”

Speaking with E! News, Kyle is giving his side of the story and what led him to his breaking point, explaining that he had held his frustrations with Natalya in for far too long.

“I bit my tongue way too long,” Kyle said, before adding that the tension had been a slow and long “build-up” that had been brewing “throughout the season.”

Kyle explained that he isn’t proud of his actions, and his “inner demon” came out and he “blacked out” and began “seeing red” during the verbal argument.

“I literally start blacking out and I don’t see stars, I literally see red and go for it,” he said of his temper. “But it takes a lot to really put me in that position…It kind of makes sense why certain things have happened. People are tired, people are exhausted, then put emotions on top—things are going to happen.”

So, is there any chance for a reconciliation between Natalya and Kyle? Kyle says yes, but Natalya says no (for now).

“Some stuff went down … but we’ll see what happens. But I get over things quickly and so does he. So, I’m sure if we saw each other in a bar, we’d be like brother and sister again. But right now, it’s a no (about connecting) for me,” Natalya told Andy Cohen during a Watch What Happens Live appearance.

However, Kyle is hopeful that the two can someday become friends again, and he even praised Natalya’s hard work.

“We can say hi, hug… You know, I’m always open to becoming close again. And I hate that work got in between our friendship. But yes, I do have hope for the future. And genuinely, she’s such a fantastic hard worker. I love working next to her. So yes, I’m thankful for her and her friendship because it was so much fun,” Kyle told the Above Deck podcast via Showbiz Cheatsheet.

“I really have no hard feelings,” he continued. “It’s like everybody referred to me and her being a brother and sister relationship and I thought that was quite interesting because I never had a sister. And I really have no hard feelings.  And I hope we can just have that moment where we can get back together.”

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Monday nights at 8 p.m. EST on Bravo.