PHOTOS: RHOBH’s Kyle Richards Reveals Her Weight, Claps Back at Critics and Flaunts New Figure After Denying Weight Loss Injections

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PHOTO: RHOBH's Kyle Richards Flaunts New Figure in Orange Dress After Denying Ozempic Use

Kyle Richards revealed her weight, clapped back at criticism, and shared more photos of her figure. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, who is currently filming season 13, previously expressed her frustrations about rumors surrounding her weight loss.

Kyle has repeatedly denied the use of Ozempic for shedding pounds, though fans have speculated that she, along with other ‘Housewives’ in the franchise, have used it for such purposes.

On her Instagram, Kyle revealed her weight to fans. “I am 5’2″ and weigh 115 pounds which is within a normal range for my height,” shared the star, who then defended herself against fan accusations.

“She is taking weight loss medication injections,” wrote @rach119974.

Kyle responded, “I am not and never have. Please stop spreading lies. Does it make you feel better so that you don’t have to get up and try? Keep lying to yourself then.”

Image credit: @kylerichards18/Instagram

Image credit: @kylerichards18/Instagram, @rach119974/Instagram

The mother of four also reacted to a fan who claimed her posts are getting “more and more shallow.”

Kyle Richards revealed her weight and height, and clapped back at critics as she recently showed off her slimmer figure on Instagram

Kyle Richards revealed her weight and height, and clapped back at critics as she recently showed off her slimmer figure on Instagram

“Where is your depth?” asked @sarahgadofficial. “Don’t you have anything valuable to say?? And it hurts my eyes to look at you because whatever you’re doing, you don’t look healthy.. unfollow.”

The 54-year-old clapped back, “@sarahgadofficial honey your entire page is only your face. Calm your t*ts.”

Image credit: @kylerichards18/Instagram, @sarahgadofficial/Instagram

On Saturday, Kyle uploaded two images of her new figure. In one of the Instagram photos, the star posed on a staircase in her slim orange dress, and a second photo showed her face close up.

“I’d rather be a lonely lion than a popular sheep ????,” wrote Kyle in the caption.

Earlier this year, Kyle explained how she lost the weight. “After gaining weight during the summer — on July 15 — after getting off the boat I said ‘That is it. I’m not having any sugar, any carbs, any alcohol,’” she said on her friend Teddi Mellencamp’s Two Ts In A Pod podcast.


The star then denied taking Ozempic to shed pounds. “A lot of people think I’ve been taking Ozempic. To clarify I’ve never taken Ozempic,” she stated.

In a February interview with Page Six, Kyle insisted she never took the drug, which is used for diabetes. “I had never heard of it. I had heard of it when they accused me, but I’d already lost weight by the time I had heard about Ozempic, so it was really frustrating to me,” Kyle explained. “What I don’t want to get lost in this is that I want to be able to inspire people.”

The actress added, “I stopped drinking almost seven months ago, I don’t eat bad, sugar, pizza, donuts, carbs … so I’d rather be inspiring than people making up stories about me.”