Scheana Shay’s Friend Jamie Claims Katie Only Booked Hotel Room Because ‘Production Paid For It,’ Claims She’s Being Used as Storyline for Vanderpump Rules

by Josh Ramsey
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Scheana Shay’s Friend Jamie Accuses Katie Maloney of Not Booking Hotel Room for Wedding Until She Knew “Production Would Pay For It,” Claims She’s Being Used as Storyline for Vanderpump Rules

The latest episode of Vanderpump Rules aired Wednesday night, and a big point of contention was the fallout between Katie Maloney and Scheana Shay after the former decided not to attend Scheana’s wedding. Katie also accused Scheana’s bridesmaid and friend, Jaime Lynne, of not being able to get a hotel room after “bullying” everyone else to secure rooms.

However, Jamie is calling Katie out and claiming there is much more to the story. According to her, Katie didn’t even secure a hotel room for the wedding until she knew for a fact that Bravo cameras were rolling, and she wouldn’t have to foot the bill.

“[Katie]’s the one who didn’t book until she was sure they were filming, and production would pay for it. I booked in April,” Jamie shared via an Instagram Story on Thursday, March 23. “I had no say in this being a storyline but the least they could do was get it right lol.”

Scheana offered to buy Katie’s booking back amid Jamie’s “booking issues.”

“It sucks that Scheana’s bridesmaid didn’t book her room when she was bullying the rest of us to do it. But these are not my problems,” Katie said during the March 23 episode.

Per Jamie, Katie made up and exaggerated the entire storyline.

“During that week Scheana knew Katie was no longer attending the wedding and saying she was only going [because] her payment was nonrefundable. Which clearly wasn’t true because I would have bought the room off her,” she alleged. “She wanted to go so she could film and get paid. Which is understandable but didn’t make it out like I waited two weeks before the wedding to try to book a room. But when more rooms were released a week later, I got one and all was fine,” she explained.

In fact, Jamie called the whole experience “sh-t,” saying, “I never asked Scheana to ask her for her room. This whole storyline was a surprise to me and I’m annoyed [because] I don’t get paid for this s—t lol.”

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