Captain Lee Admits He Was Fired From Below Deck Ahead of Season 11, Shares How He Found Out, and Talks Health Issues, Plus If He’ll Return Next Season

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Captain Lee Rosbach Reveals He Was "Not Invited Back" to Below Deck Season 11, Explains How He Found Out, and Talks Health Issues, Plus If He’ll Return Next Season

Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo

Below Deck fans were left feeling dismayed after it was revealed earlier this year that OG Captain Lee Rosbach would not be returning to the hit franchise that made him a household after 11 seasons on the show.

Rumors swirled that he was retiring, however, Captain Lee just revealed that the decision not to come back was made for him.

“I did not quit. I did not retire,” he told The Sun-Sentinel. “I was just not invited back.”

Fans shouldn’t fret, though, as Captain Lee isn’t quite finished with Bravo just yet. He even hinted that a possible return could be on the horizon.

“We came to an agreement, and I’m going to be doing some things for them in the next year. Then, Season 12?” he told the outlet. “I imagine they are going to see what happens with Season 11, with somebody new trying to take over for me, see how they do. If it’s too expensive for them, we’ll see what happens. If the numbers take a tank, would I go back? Yeah.”

Still, Captain Lee explained that after his long tenure and time spent with the franchise, he didn’t appreciate the way he found out about his being let go.

He explained that a producer called him over the phone to inform him that he was not going to be asked back for season 12, which left him feeling a tad hurt. However, he says he ultimately understood their decision.

“I guess I can see their point of view. They really couldn’t get a straight answer from anyone on how my health was,” he said.

Season 11 of Below Deck saw Captain Lee having to step away from the boat and his captain duties due to ongoing health issues. He was controversially replaced by Below Deck Mediterranean’s Captain Sandy Yawn. Captain Lee later returned to finish out the season and praised Bravo for accommodating his health issues.

“Production was really great about it. They got me a physical therapist down there, a massage therapist, a medic came in to stretch my leg every day. I had to have somebody help dress me. We did everything we could to make it work,” he said.

Captain Lee stated that he is still under contract with Bravo, so fans will have to wait and see what the network has in store for him.