Gia Giudice Reveals Melissa Gorga Blocked Her on IG, Defends Mom Teresa, and Shares Real Story Behind Joe Giudice & Gorga’s Run-In, Plus Biggest Misconception

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Gia Giudice Reveals Melissa Gorga Blocked Her on IG, Claps Back at Claim Mom Teresa is “Dumb,”

Gia Giudice clapped back at the accusation that her mom Teresa Giudice has “no brain cells,” and she suggested that “calculated” castmates rehearse their lines on Real Housewives of New Jersey.

She also shared the “real story” behind her uncle Joe Gorga’s supposedly random encounter with her father Joe Giudice in the Bahamas, and she revealed her aunt Melissa Gorga blocked her on social media.

“When people say my mom is dumb and has no brain cells, I think that is the biggest thing that pisses me off,” said Gia on Teresa’s Namaste B$tches podcast, and she explained the misconception. “My mom doesn’t go into a scene and is like calculated on what she’s gonna say … She just doesn’t have the line rehearsed like you do. That’s the biggest misconception. Do you think she has to look at herself in the mirror and think about what she has to say on the next scene to this one or that one? No.”

She went on to say, “That’s what it should be, considering it’s a reality TV show … not people who sit back and calculate what they’re gonna say before it airs.”

Addressing her uncle’s ‘chance encounter’ with her father Joe Giudice, Gia said the situation “infuriated” her.

“I know [the] real story. My dad called me right after,” explained the 22-year-old, who then referred to the spot where former in-laws ran into each other. “You’re going to the Bahamas where the Bahamas king lives. Like his house is five minutes away from the Baha Mar. We go to the Baha Mar in Atlantis every night when we’re there at least … You kind of have to be a little bit naïve to think that you’re not going to see [my dad] when you go there.”

Gia continued, “He said they were maybe together for like three minutes [when] they saw each other. It was a hug and my dad noticed that somebody was recording right next to them. And my dad was uncomfortable … [but] he was a standup guy. He just kind of smiled and whatever, and then [Melissa and Joe] walked away. And that was it.”

She added, “And it was so obvious. My uncle Joe literally looked into the camera as he’s holding my dad’s face. It’s like, get your hands off my dad’s face.”

The college student then shared that Melissa “blocked” her on social media.

“[My aunt] blocked me on my public account, my private account, and my clothing line account,” she said, before revealing how she found out. “It was just weird. One day somebody told me she posted something about me. So I went to go look and I was like, I’m blocked on everything.”

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