PHOTO: Teddi Mellencamp is Slammed Over “Cringe” Photo With Dad John Mellencamp as RHOBH Star Claps Back, See Pic

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Teddi Mellencamp is Slammed as “Inappropriate” After Posting “Cringe” Photo With Dad John Mellencamp as RHOBH Star Responds

Credit: Faye’s Vision/Cover Images

Fans accused Teddi Mellencamp of posing in an “inappropriate” and “cringe” photo with her father, singer John Mellencamp, as Teddi told followers to not make it “gross.”

The former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star had an up-and-down relationship with her father in the past, which she’s discussed both on and off the Bravo show.

On a May 9 Instagram post, Teddi shared the strange daddy/daughter post. In the image, Teddi has her leg wrapped around him, and he barely seems to be smiling.

“Made a special trip to Nashville to see The Cougs for a 4th❗️time this tour! What song should I ambush the stage on tonight?” wrote Teddi in the caption.

She said John “hates taking photos,” and she insisted she made it cheesy “on purpose.”

“Please don’t make it gross,” said Teddi.

Many fans, however, were taken aback by the father/daughter pose, calling it “inappropriate.”

“I feel by you saying in your caption ‘please don’t make it gross’ that you already know it looks gross,” wrote one fan in the comments.

A different user expressed, “Her leg around him was the very first thing I noticed in the picture, it sort of took away the sweetness of daddy/daughter picture.”

A separate fan suggested, “Hm maybe don’t hug your DAD that way.”

Another called it “a tad weird” and “cringe,” adding that both the “picture and comment” were “off.”

“While reminiscent of [his] song Get a Leg Up I would have personally chosen a different pose,” wrote another.