Vanderpump Rules Recap: Katie Calls Raquel a C*nt and Slams Her for Confronting Her Over Rage Text to Tom, Plus Raquel Questions Tom & Ariana’s Sex Life

by Julia Comments

Vanderpump Rules Recap: Katie Calls Raquel a C*nt and Slams Her for Confronting Her Over Rage Text to Tom, Plus Raquel Questions Tom & Ariana’s Sex Life

Ariana and Katie are preparing a “looksie party” to debut the space of their future sandwich shop Something About Her. This episode of Vanderpump Rules feels very season finale-esque, but we all know there is more to come. Sandoval does a fine job of painting the picture of a relationship on the rocks with Ariana, but Raquel does an even better job of making herself out to be the villain…

Over at the sandwich shop, Ariana explains that the situation Lala asked her about regarding Sandoval at the Labor Day party was made into a bigger deal than it actually was. Ariana is still standing by Sandoval, even though she feels like people are trying to undermine their relationship, AND he created a situation where imaginations can run wild.

Charli and Raquel are out shopping, and Raquel explains that her time at TomTom was very awkward, especially when she said hi to Katie and her mother. Raquel is still annoyed that James said he regrets Rachella and believes that James is into Ally way more than Ally is into him. Raquel refers to Ally as her “replacement” and is certain James will eventually mess up the relationship. Raquel talks about starting to choose herself and pretends not to be hurt when she realizes she did not get invited to Ariana and Katie’s sandwich shop party. As if triggered by this information, Raquel decides to purchase a $780 lightning bolt necklace… yup… she bought it for HERSELF. Trying hard to be Sandoval’s twin.

Over at Schwartz and Sandy’s, the Toms plop down to admire the spot, particularly because they are SO close to opening the doors. They lament that they’ve come so far, but the stress of it all is building. Sandoval explains that he wishes to go somewhere with Ariana but feels his presence annoys her.

Sandoval claims Ariana does not go out of her way to do anything for the house, and Schwartz, the relationship expert (LOL), reminds Sandoval that he needs to have this conversation with Ariana before he becomes “Mr. Eventually” and the relationship dissolves, much like his did with Katie.

I feel like Ariana and Sandoval are just competing with each other over their businesses. Sandoval internally seethes that Ariana is successful and not making stupid business moves. He claims it was “nice” to see Katie and Lala, even after Lala grilled him about his choices at the Labor Day party. Ariana tells Sandoval that he should have left when he could have gotten a ride, but Sandoval changes the subject, his go-to move.

Sandoval attempts to unravel his relationship with Ariana and begins by saying that he feels like just being by Ariana annoys him. To that, she chuckles, because we all know just how dramatic Sandoval truly is. Sandoval tells Ariana that she hurts his feelings, but Ariana says she feels like she is only getting “the leftovers” of him when everyone else gets the party boy. Sandoval tries to prove a point with a reach: “We didn’t even take a picture together at Scheana’s wedding.” Ariana does not believe a PICTURE is a sign of a successful relationship and disagrees with Sandoval yet again.

Sandoval says, “I wanna be better. I want us to be more intimate,” and Ariana reminds Sandoval that he needs to spend more time with her before that happens. Ariana wishes they would do more activities (aka quality time), and Sandoval explains that his idea of quality time is taking “some mushrooms” and watching the sunrise. Romantic or nah? Ariana reminds Sandoval that he doesn’t like the same things she does, and he becomes angry. Sandoval then tells her that he does love her, he just wishes things could be better.

James is stoked that his big DJing event is finally here: the Imagine Festival. LOL at the shade thrown by the producers… When James says he can’t believe his name is on a poster next to Kaskade, they highlight exactly where James’s name is: at the bottom.

James informs Ally that LVP will be at the Something About Her event, and now Ally is stressed. She is also worried about James behaving himself. This leads to her reminding James that he needs to set up a meeting with a therapist (which he is avoiding like the plague), especially after watching his intense emotions reveal themselves at the beach.

Sandoval gets ready for the sandwich party with Schwartz, who is slightly uncomfortable about attending the event. Schwartz claims he would have never kissed Raquel if he knew how angry it would have made Katie, and now he is upset because there’s a gossip blogger out there saying they were caught making out again. It wasn’t them smooching, but that didn’t stop Katie from rage-texting Schwartz.

The sandwich shop is super cute, and the crew rolls up to support Ariana and Katie. Even LVP is there… on her birthday! (Scheana tested positive for COVID, but she is there in spirit). James catches up with LVP and is bursting to tell her about the Imagine Festival. Ally oddly gets James seeing a therapist into the conversation, and I am CERTAIN this is not how LVP wants to spend her birthday.

Ariana feels very much in the middle of her friends but takes the support there, including Katie’s mom and the Toms. Ariana feels as though it’s a compromise to have Raquel meet the group at SUR since Ariana is trying to keep Katie happy as well.

The crew from Something About Her moves the party to SUR — where Raquel awaits Sandoval, er, I mean sandwiches. Sandoval puts on a great show trying to be a supportive partner for Ariana, but he explains in his confessional that after being together for almost 10 years, they’re starting to grow apart.

Schwartz plops down to chat with Katie’s mom, Teri, and they have a very nice conversation until she lets Schwartz know he “blew it.” He broke his promise to stay out of the friend group, and Schwartz tries to talk his way out of it. Katie’s mom calls it a “slap in the face” and tells him how hurtful his actions were when he chose to make out with Raquel.

Ariana and Raquel take a step away and catch up for a few. Ariana clarifies that she is very much stuck in the middle between Raquel and Katie, but Raquel seems okay with the beef. She is done earning friendships, and she is okay with not being friends with Katie and Lala. From there, Raquel segues into how Ariana’s relationship with Sandoval is going. Strange…

Raquel talks about dry spells, and she states that in a relationship you should want to have sex. Ariana reminds Raquel that you have to be emotionally intimate first, but she does believe that Sandoval is so hot and that she is attracted to him.  In fact, Ariana shares SHE feels like the ugly one in the relationship. Raquel stops Ariana when she starts bashing herself and criticizing her body. It is so upsetting watching these women have what looks like a heart-to-heart, but we all know the truth about Raquel.

Raquel tells Ariana, “Clearly, you want to stay in this relationship.” Yes, Raquel, that means back off of Sandoval. Ariana believes she can talk it out with Sandoval and things will be fine. If she only knew how things were going to end up.

Lala pops over by Ken and LVP, and they talk about relationships. Lala worries she won’t be able to find another person to reproduce with, and she is leery of men considering her recent issues with “he who will not be named.” Lala hopes her future holds a loving connection, but she is happy to recognize herself again.

Schwartz is more concerned about his stanky armpits than what’s brewing between Katie and Raquel. Seems like Raquel woke up and chose to be Schwartz’s spokesperson because when she saunters over to Katie, she lays into her for rage texting Schwartz about the newest (made-up) make-out session. Raquel tells Katie that it’s “none of” her “business” if she makes out with Schwartz because Katie filed for divorce. Katie is unclear why Raquel is even talking to her, and Raquel continues to let Katie know it’s not her place to be texting him about who he kisses. Wow.

Raquel goes as far as telling Katie she doesn’t appreciate that Katie is threatening to take the dogs away from Schwartz. Katie is baffled about why Raquel is doing this, and she even asks Raquel, “How the f*ck were you raised?” It is VERY clear that Raquel cares more about Schwartz than Katie, but Katie reminds Raquel that Schwartz is not her “close friend.”

Katie’s mom jumps in and ponders if the conversation she had with Raquel about staying away from Schwartz resonated with her at all. When Raquel states, “Oh God,” everyone starts wondering where Raquel was raised, and Katie goes as far as calling Raquel a c*nt. She demands Raquel speak to her mother with respect and hollers that she is “so done” with Raquel.

Katie’s mom tries to talk some sense into Raquel, but of course, Sandoval feels it’s “tacky to have your mom fighting your battles for you.” Sandoval continues to insert himself and yells out that when they were living together, Katie was with other guys, so she has no room to talk. Raquel finally walks away after saying, “I’m sorry that you’re jealous,” and Ariana becomes emotional. She cries to LVP about being so torn because she loves Katie and Raquel!

Kristina yells out what we are all thinking when Sandoval continues to go at Katie for her attitude: “Sandoval, why aren’t you focused on your girlfriend, who is clearly upset right now?” THANK YOU, Kristina. Raquel snickers as Katie walks past Schwartz and yells that she is done with him. Katie is raging right now, and so, she takes Schwartz out to the infamous SUR back alley.

Just as Katie is about to tear into Schwartz, Raquel comes out to talk. Raquel tries to make what I guess could be considered an apology, but Katie is disinterested. She tells Raquel, “Take you and your six personalities,” and get out of here. Katie is disgusted with Schwartz because he told her to shut up so he could hear Raquel’s apology, and she storms away from him.

LVP blows out the candles for her birthday and talks about watching the kids and all that they’ve been through.  Despite the struggles, LVP reminds them that as they get older, they will all learn how to deal with their problems. She promises to always be there for them, and she warns them, “don’t let life get the best” of you. The group toasts in hopes of a better future, but alas, we all know that this is not the end… in fact, it’s only the beginning.