RHOM’s Lisa Hochstein Accuses Ex Lenny of Trying to “Humiliate” & “Shame” Her on Mother’s Day, Shades His GF Katharina, and Talks Court Win, Plus Lenny Poses With GF Amid Nasty Divorce

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RHOM's Lisa Hochstein Slams Ex Lenny as “Mean” Over Listening Device Claims, Shades Katharina, and Talks Court Win as Lenny Poses With GF Amid Nasty Divorce

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Lisa Hochstein clapped back at ex Lenny Hochstein after he alleged she placed a listening device in his vehicle to overhear his conversations amid their contentious divorce.

Lenny allegedly cheated on Lisa with his now-girlfriend Katharina Mazepa, though he adamantly denies it (despite Real Housewives of Miami footage suggesting otherwise). The 56-year-old recently took a blow in court as a judge purportedly ruled he pays his wife $8,000 monthly in temporary support.

On her Instagram Stories, shared by @queensofbravo, Lisa clapped back after Lenny’s accusations. “Thank you to everyone for the Mother’s Day messages! Also thank you for forwarding me all the already debunked lies my ex is spreading on his public platform this weekend to hurt, humiliate, disparage, and shame me on Mother’s Day,” she wrote.

“What type of man goes out of his way to further escalate conflict and disparage the mother of his children on this special day and weekend. It all seems so mean and calculated. As someone with a platform and audience as large as mine, I could say so much more in the media and social media about this man, but I don’t,” Lisa continued. “His recent narrative of trying to convince anyone that I am such a horrible person is pure deflection. Simple Google searches can debunk it.”

She added, “He deletes any comments that go against the truth, which are most. He was caught cheating on a mic. It shocked the country. He left for someone 30 years younger [who] seems to go out several nights a week after complaining about me going out once or twice a month [and] who has a publicist (while I have none) working overtime using my divorce, suffering, and Lenny’s court filings to get news stories for themselves otherwise no one would care.”

Lisa added, “I simply respond to defend myself. He had a two year old and was asking for a third kid just with friends at our table days before getting caught. Bravo doesn’t edit anything or anyone to look a certain way. I had no idea two days later he was leaving me to ‘start’ a new relationship with someone I suspect he has some thing with for a long time who was around us and in my home for years.”

She then expressed, “Yes we were still sleeping in the same bed. We had nannie’s and housekeepers here and the kids came in to see us every morning so his narrative is so bold. I am home for the kids almost 150 hours a week while he is here about 5. I was left. I was cheated on, I feel like I’m living in hell. I’m still being bullied, lied about, and provoked. Now by his girlfriend, mom, and more of her friends. Those are such mean people.”

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Addressing the recent court decision, she explained, “I won a ruling in a court case a few days ago, quietly, and the bullying has amped up ever since to a new level. Please leave me and the kids to have a nice Mother’s Day weekend. I am hurting and I need peace.”

Image credit: @lisahochstein/Instagram via @queensofbravo/Instagram

Meanwhile on Instagram, Lenny shared a post of his “date night” with Katharina, with a photo of them cozying up together over red wine and rose petals.

One fan commented on the post, “This is sickening.”

Lenny soon clapped back, “@lorijojo if my life sickens you why follow me?”