VIDEO: Tom Sandoval is “Annoyed” by Ariana’s Supporters at Their Home in Unaired Vanderpump Rules Clip, Says He Was Never Allowed to Have Parties There as Fans React

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VIDEO: Tom Sandoval Complains About Ariana’s Supporters at Home, Says He’s “Annoyed” He Was Never Allowed to Have Parties at Their House in Unaired Vanderpump Rules Clip

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Tom Sandoval shared he was “annoyed” by the number of people who showed up at his house to support girlfriend Ariana Madix after she discovered his affair with Raquel Leviss.

The Vanderpump Rules star claimed it bothered him because Ariana “never allowed” him to have “parties” there, and she “fought” with him about “having people over” for his “birthday.”

In a “Never Before Scene” of Vanderpump Rules, shared by @bravoandblaze on Instagram, Tom addressed his annoyance while speaking to Raquel after revealing their affair.

“I just went by my house and it’s like, my driveway is like all blocked off,” said Tom, who showed Raquel a video of all the cars.

“Why? ‘Cause so many people are visiting Ariana?” asked Raquel, who expressed it’s “good that she has support.”

Tom then stated, “But I was also, like, kind of annoyed because I was never allowed to have parties at our house.”

He claimed Ariana “fought” with him about “having people over” for his “birthday.”

In the comments of the video, fans shared their reaction to Tom’s words.

“This is actually one of the most telling things he’s said,” wrote one user. “Perfectly illustrates his narcissistic personality.”

Another added, “He’s so f**king mental… AGAIN trying to make her the bad guy [because] people are showing up to rally for her because HE destroyed their lives. The lack of accountability and blaming her makes me vomit.”

A different fan wrote, “She describes it as a funeral, he thinks it’s a party, and meanwhile Raquel has no remorse or mourning of her friendship with Ariana.”

Another user expressed sarcastically, “Yes Sandoval, a birthday party is the same as friends coming over to help you pick up the pieces of your heart after it’s broken. I mean what in the actual hell.”

Part two of the Vanderpump Rules season 10 reunion airs Wednesday, May 31, at 9 p.m. EST on Bravo.