Below Deck’s Captain Lee Shares Where He Stands With Captain Sandy After Feud, If He Was Fired Over Health Concerns, and Teases Upcoming Projects With Bravo

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Below Deck's Captain Lee Shares Where He Stands With Captain Sandy After Feud, Reveals If He Was Fired Due to Health Concerns, and Teases Upcoming Projects With Bravo

Captain Lee Rosbach shared where he stands with Captain Sandy Yawn following their public feud, addressed whether he was fired over health concerns, and teased upcoming projects with Bravo.

The OG recently shared he would not be returning for Below Deck season 11. During season 10, Lee was temporarily forced to leave the ship due to medical issues, and he was replaced by Captain Sandy – who fired one of his crew members without telling Lee beforehand.

In an interview with Us Weekly, via Monsters & Critics, Lee addressed where he now stands with Captain Sandy following their feud, which began last year.

When asked if the two captains have talked, Lee answered, “No, we haven’t had the opportunity to have a conversation.”

He expressed, “I think everybody kind of made a big deal about it that it, to me, it wasn’t that big of a deal … I just thought she should have called me, and she didn’t. I said what I thought; to me, that was it. There was nothing to get your knickers in a wad over.”

Lee then addressed if he was fired over health concerns. “Sorry Mary, but my health had nothing to do with it,” wrote Lee on Twitter, addressing a viewer. “And my Dr didn’t recommend it. Still hitting the gym daily, as always. I’m doing just fine and thanks for being concerned and a huge fan.”

Image credit: @capthlr/Twitter via Monsters & Critics

He reiterated this point to another viewer: “My health is great Nigel but thanks for asking. But no, I didn’t step away because of my health.”

Image credit: @capthlr/Twitter via Monsters & Critics

The 73-year-old also told Us Weekly about his future projects with the network.

“I still have an affiliation with Bravo, and we’ve got two or three projects that are in the works. One of them should be coming out pretty soon,” shared the captain.

When asked to state directly if fans will still see him on the channel, Lee said, “Yes, you will.”

He indicated that the new projects are very different than his former show. “When you get on dry land, you get into a totally different setting,” teased Lee. “I’m excited to do it. I really am. I think it’s going to be a lot of fun. I’ve got some great people that I’m going to be working with. No, I won’t tell you who they are.”

Though he didn’t give away details about the upcoming projects, many of his fans know he’ll be featured on season 20 of Project Runway, along with other Below Deck stars.