RHOC’s Shannon Beador on if She’s Spoken to Tamra Recently & Addresses Her “Incredibly Hurtful” Comments, Says Heather is Friends With Gina Because She Needs an “Ally,” and Shares Where She Stands With Emily & Gina

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RHOC’s Shannon Beador on if She's Spoken to Tamra Recently & Addresses Her “Incredibly Hurtful” Comments, Says Heather is Friends With Gina Because She Needs an “Ally,” and Shares Where She Stands With Emily & Gina



As fans head into season 17 of The Real Housewives of Orange County, veteran cast member Shannon Beador is spilling more details about her reconciliation with fellow “tres amiga” Tamra Judge. She’s also discussing where she stands with Emily Simpson, Gina Kirschenheiter, and Heather Dubrow. Plus, she addresses her “rude” behavior toward newbie Jennifer Pedranti.

Shannon’s reunion with on-again/off-again best friend Tamra is gearing up to be a major storyline for the Real for Real founder. Though the two are now in a better state of grace, Shannon still disputes Tamra’s claims that she wasn’t there for her, and she dubbed her a “fake friend.”

“[Her comments] were incredibly hurtful,” Shannon tells Today. “After she posted I was a fake friend, I didn’t talk to her because then she went on a podcast tour trashing me. But in between those two months I did reach out to her.”

After filming seasons of The Housewives, many a cast member has found it tough to rewatch what their friends said about them during confessionals and such. It can reopen wounds. Shannon says that she has seen some of Tamra’s comments about her, but she is still waiting to talk through them with her. She added that she thinks the two are on enough solid ground to deal with whatever comes out.

“I haven’t [spoken to her yet.] Because she’s on vacation with her husband [Eddie Judge] so I’m certainly not going to put a damper on anything,” Shannon said. “We’re doing a ‘Tres Amigas’ show at the end of the month…so as soon as she gets home we’ll be together.”

“I think we both have the ability to realize where we are now. Gosh, it’s almost [been] a year to where we were last year. It’s hard to go back and relive that, but I think we’re both at a point where we can see the good of where we are right now.”

Shannon’s co-star, Heather, has previously described the new season of RHOC as “very difficult” for her. Shannon, seemingly echoing those sentiments, previously revealed that Heather is “on her own” this year. She is also backing Tamra’s claims that the “friendships” she strikes up — notably with Gina — are out of self-preservation and the need for an “ally.”

“One hundred million percent [I agree],” Shannon said. “If you watch the season and you see that they’re friends today, it makes zero sense. And something that I think Tamra will agree with me on is that I spend time with Vicki [Gunvalson], Tamra, Taylor Armstrong, and the new girl Jenn Pedranti. I see at least one of them every 10 days to two weeks off camera. We have a true friendship. I don’t know about the others.”

Speaking of Jennifer, after a rocky start, Shannon says she found Jennifer’s addition to the cast “intriguing” and “interesting.”

Episode two of season 17 saw Shannon seemingly dismissive of Jennifer as she attempted to relay the heartfelt story behind her son’s adoption process. Despite how she initially came across, Shannon insists she was genuinely invested in what the newcomer had to say.

“I didn’t hear her, it was very loud,” she said of the situation. “We were about to go in the ocean and glasses broke, so there’s a lot of chaos going on. As soon as I heard, I felt horrible about it. I do take responsibility for things when I’m wrong, and I felt horrible about it.”

Shannon went on to tease that Jennifer’s storyline will be “shocking” to viewers.

“I mean, there’s a lot of stuff that’s going to come out.” She added, “I hope she sticks around.”

As for where she stands with Emily and Gina after season 17, Shannon revealed that she and Emily have become closer despite their tumultuous past. Gina? Not so much.

“With Emily, we’re friends, and I’ll leave it at that. I appreciate her as a friend, and we have a mutual respect for each other. Gina, on the other hand, I don’t know what’s going on in her head. I end every season with her like we’re OK, and then she starts bad-mouthing me when she does interviews, etc. So, God knows, apparently, we’re not in a good spot again.”

The RHOC star went on to reveal to the outlet that she even sent Emily a text on her way to her interview, thanking her for sticking up for her this season.

“I tell you; I texted her. I watched it on the plane here, and I texted her saying, ‘Thank you for sticking up for me, you’re a good friend.’ She said, ‘Absolutely, I am your friend.'”

Shannon rounded out the interview by telling the outlet that “season 17 Shannon” is a “little calmer,” but “it doesn’t really end that way.”

The Real Housewives of Orange County airs Wednesday nights at 8 p.m. EST on Bravo.