PHOTOS: Kim Zolciak is Selling Daughter Brielle’s Luxury Bags Amid Tax Woes and Gambling Allegations, See How Much

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Kim Zolciak Hawking Daughter Brielle’s Luxury Belongings amid Don’t Be Tardy Star's Financial Woes, with One Piece Priced at $25K

Kim Zolciak is reportedly selling her daughter Brielle’s luxury belongings amid the Don’t Be Tardy star’s financial difficulties.

According to sources, the mother-of-six recently reconciled with her husband Kroy Biermann after the couple began the process of a contentious divorce, which allegedly stemmed from her money problems. The couple owes the government over a million dollars in unpaid taxes.

Kim is hawking Brielle’s designer belongings, one of which has a $20,000 price tag. Kim told her Instagram followers they could buy the luxury pieces that belonged to the 26-year-old.

One item was a “Barbie-like” Chanel purse worth $5,500, and another was an “adorable” pair of $500 Louis Vuitton shoes.

Kim Zolciak Selling Brielle Biermann Luxury HandbagA $10,000 limited-edition handbag was also available, as well as a Chanel purse worth $7,000 and a $700 pair of Prada boots that were out of the box.

Kim Zolciak Selling Brielle Biermann luxury bags

Kim Zolciak Selling Daughter Brielle Biermann Chanel bag

The most expensive item appeared to be a Louis Vuitton bag, which she listed at $20,000.

Kim Zolciak Selling Brielle Biermann designer bags $20000

Kim Zolciak listed a used Louis Vuition travel designer bag for $20,000

After news of the couple’s split surfaced online, a source told PEOPLE, “She had not told anyone, not even family … She didn’t tell anyone, even [her] friends were kept in the dark … The money has been a huge issue. The million-dollar tax [payment] was just way too much pressure on them.”

A different insider added, “There’s no cheating on either side. The money has a lot to do with the split, but there were other factors … He’s been managing [the family] for a long time, so he technically did have a job. They’re not on good terms right now.”