Jax Taylor Shares Why Raquel Leviss Shouldn’t Return to Vanderpump Rules, Claims Tom Sandoval Has “A Few Screws Loose,” and Discusses What He’d Do Differently If He Ever Came Back

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Jax Taylor Shares Why Raquel Leviss Shouldn't Return to Vanderpump Rules, Claims Tom Sandoval Has "A Few Screws Loose," and Discusses What He’d Do Differently If He Ever Came Backl

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Jax Taylor shaded his former buddy Tom Sandoval, who he believes has “a few screws loose,” and he shared what he’d do differently if he ever returns to Vanderpump Rules.

The alum also expressed his belief that Raquel Leviss – who was romantically involved with Sandoval amid his relationship with Ariana Madix – should not return to the show, as there’s “nothing healthy” about reality TV.

Speaking to Us Weekly, Jax addressed Tom’s situation.

“I think he’s going through something,” shared the 44-year-old. “I don’t want to say midlife crisis, but he’s definitely going through something. I think he’s had a little bit of a diva mentality on the show, where he kind of thinks nothing could touch him, and I think he kind of bit off a little more than he can chew.”

Jax expressed his belief that Tom had a “lack of empathy.” According to Jax, he and the cast are “all on the same page” concerning their stance on Sandoval.

“His tone-deafness and self-unawareness and selfishness is just on another level,” he said. “I think something’s going on upstairs. I think he’s got a few screws loose, personally.”

Though he didn’t address reports of his return to the show, Jax indicated he’d play things “a little different[ly]” should he ever return. “There’s things about it that I miss and there’s things about it that I don’t miss,” said the alum. “I’ve learned a lot. Obviously, now being a father, I look at things a lot differently. I don’t really sweat the small stuff. I pick and choose my battles. I’m learning to let things roll off my back.”

Addressing whether Raquel should return to Vanderpump Rules, Jax expressed, “No, absolutely not. No … There’s nothing healthy about reality TV for anybody.”

He indicated that reality television is sometimes “a very toxic place,” and “you need to have thick skin.”

“In my opinion, I think [Raquel] dove into something that was a little bit bigger than her. I don’t think she’s mentally tough enough to be in something like this,” explained Jax, who claimed he’s only spoken to Raquel “maybe two times in [his] life.”

Though he wishes “the best for her,” Jax does not “feel bad” for any cast members concerning the onscreen drama.

“We all stepped in this game together,” he said. “We all know what we’re doing. We all signed on the dotted line. I don’t feel bad for anybody. This is what you signed up for. Now you gotta own it.”