Lisa Hochstein Reacts After Lenny Petitions to Rescind Divorce Settlement, as RHOM Star Looks for a “Contingency Lawyer,” Plus Katharina Joins OnlyFans

by Adam Ragsdale Comments

REPORT: Lenny Hochstein Files Petition to Rescind Marriage Settlement With Lisa, as RHOM Star Looks for a “Florida Contingency Lawyer,” and Katharina Joins OnlyFans

Lenny Hochstein has reportedly filed a petition to revoke the marriage settlement that was in place with his estranged wife, Lisa Hochstein, as a source claims he’s attempting to “bankrupt” Lisa by extending the legal process of their divorce.

Around the same time, the Real Housewives of Miami star revealed she’s searching for a “Florida contingency lawyer,” and Lenny’s new fiancée Katharina Mazepa opened up about being on OnlyFans.

According to court documents obtained by Page Six, Lenny filed for an emergency petition to rescind the settlement he and Lisa previously agreed to. Another filing claims Lenny’s lawyer “conferred” with Lisa’s legal representation, and both parties agreed to fix the issue without having an official hearing.

The 57-year-old asked that the previous settlement stay confidential. In a confidentiality agreement, Lenny reportedly wrote that he filed in “anticipation” of his ex’s rejection of the settlement.

An insider close to Lenny and Lisa claimed the plastic surgeon is attempting to force her to sign a “low-ball” offer to keep “bankrupt[ing]” Lisa by extending the legal process, which will lead to more lawyer fees.

It seems the settlement terms, once agreed upon, will stay confidential.

Meanwhile, Lisa herself appears to be searching for representation, per an Instagram post shared by @bravosnarkside.

“Looking for a Florida contingency lawyer to help protect me and my children from this relentless legal and PR smear campaign,” wrote the star as she also shared a screenshot of the news article about Lenny rescinding the settlement.

Image credit: @Lisahochstein/Instaram via @bravosnarkside/Instagram

According to a report from @allabouttrh on Instagram, Lenny’s new fiancée joined OnlyFans – a subscription-based service that often features adult content.

Per the post, Katharina’s profile states she’s “100% natural.”

In the comments of the Instagram post, Katharina wrote, “I’ve been on this platform for almost 3 years … I am proud to be with a man that supports his fiancée having her own successful career, her own entrepreneurial goals & academic pursuits.”

She went on to say, “One day I will be pleased to teach my future daughters to be like their mother & make their own choice in relationships as financially stable businesswomen.”